Ostriches in Uganda are large flightless birds which are famously known for their speed and are only found in Kidepo Valley National Park. The ostrich [Struthio Camelus]  is the world’s largest and strongest bird.

ostriches in Uganda

ostriches in Uganda

Visitors to the park have testified how they have enjoyed viewing the ostrich in the park. Situated in the north-eastern part of Uganda, Kidepo valley  national park is one of the best places for wildlife and birding safaris.


  1. Ostriches in Uganda have long necks, small heads and huge long legs with 2 pointed figures. Having a safari to Kidepo Valley National Park with Inspire African Safari will give you a chance to see these birds in their natural habitat.
  2. They can run as fast as 70km per hour, covering  up to 5m in a single stride. But they can also walk at an average of 4km per hour.
  3. These birds like dust bathing, they burry their heads in the sand and the rest of the body is seen.
  4. The female and male ostriches have a height that raises 2.5m on average
  5. . The male bird is has brown eyes, pink neck and white features on the legs and tail while the female bird has brown and pinkish legs.

    Ostrich in Uganda

  6. An ostrich lays up to 15 eggs a month and each laid after every two days especially during the dry months of the year usually between February and June.
  7. The male is responsible for preparing the laying ground as it digs a hole of about 1 foot deep and 1 meter wide, then fills it with lake sand. This helps to generate warmth that would enable hatching of the eggs.
  8.  They have a complex breeding system. One major and 5 minor ostriches can lay an average of 25 eggs in the same nest.
  9. During incubation, the female incubates the eggs during day while the male incubates at night.
  10. After 6 weeks, the chicks hatch and leave their nests after 4 days. They are fully mature at the age of 3 to 4 years.
  11. Ostriches in Uganda are omnivores which means that they feed on animal and plant matter. They feed on seeds, flowers, locusts, roots, fruits and many more.

Visit the ostriches in Kidepo Valley National Park with Inspire African Safari. Book your birding safaris with Inspire African Safari to the largest bird on earth [Ostrich] and other birds in Uganda.

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