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5 Best things to do in Mabira forest

Activities to do in mabira forest

5 Best things to do in Mabira forest – Activities to do in Mabira Forest: From Kampala city   the capital city of Uganda,   Mabira forest takes about 45 minutes’ drive from Kampala and its he perfect add on to your Uganda safari.

Visiting Mabira forest, is one of the best safari destinations in Uganda, there various things to do and see in Mabira forest, some of the best safari activities in Mabira forest include; Nature walks, Birding, Guided Hikes, mabira forest is one among the tropical rainforests in Uganda and situated in an area of reach from Kampala city.

You can visit mabira forest, while in Uganda, we offer Day- trips here but also can be added as an add to their safaris in Uganda. you can visit Mabira forest on the day of arrival before you transfer to various national parks you will be visiting, or after your safari trip before your departure flight home.

Mabira forest, is situated enroute to Jinja from Kampala and the distance covered driving from Kampala, is equally the same as driving from Jinja. Its one of the perfect places to go for various nature activities in the central tropical rainforest.

Mabira forest is perfect for ideal nature walks or bike rides, the forest is best for birding experience, birders will love their visit in mabira forest you can spend a day or half day viewing the various bird species harboured in the forest.

While being one of the only remaining forests in Ugandan, Mabira forest is host to a broad variety of wildlife and harbors many threatened animals, such as chimpanzees, 200 plants, open areas of savannah grasslands and papyrus swamps, sheltering many birds, waterfalls, rivers that flow gently, Mabira forest is a great location for outdoor sports such as camping ,biking, nature walking, the forest is simpler and easier to see along the Kampala Jinja highway, but the deeper section of the Mabira Forest is where the whole mystical natural world takes place.

Mabira Forest is the closest and only Rainforest in Central Uganda, the forest is situated only 50 kilometres away from Kampala capital city, the place has drawn a lot of tourists to the forest, school children also come to the area on nature trips, Ugandans have a picnic, an oasis of natural beauty and surprises, a bird sanctuary in the area harbors a lot of bird species that have made it their home ,the forest a suitable location for bird watching experience. The spectacular trees, herbs, flowers, birds, insects, monkeys and small mammals make this a great spot to get away from Kampala and enjoy a few hours a day or a peaceful overnight stay at the Mabira Rain forest Lodge a stunning eco-lodge in the ancient rainforest that was first settled in the Buganda region by the original inhabitants of the forest known as the pygmies, Many Uganda’s, early settlers and even today some are heading to Mabira Rainforest to remember Nakalanga’s spirits.

Mabira Forest is a life-changer as it offers you plenty of things to do when you visit the forest, the game drives in the open savannah will introduce you to a lot of beautiful scenery around the country, the visit to the Mabira Country, will also encourage you to explore the beauty of the pearl of Africa on foot. Mabira Forest is a natural environment where you can relax as you enter the woods, the sound of the swash tree branches when the breeze combines with the tweets of the different birds make up the rhythm of a jungle when you head to the visitors centre in Mabira forest.

Listed Below Are Some of The Top Things to Do and See in Mabira Forest


The Ziplining, is one of the top activities you can do in East Africa and it’s the only Ziplining a above the tree tops, you can do it here in Mabira forest at a most reasonable price. During this activity, you will have a great opportunity to view mabira forest with all the creatures that dwell in it, you will be able to spot animals like the baboons, Mangabeys, Monkeys, and many more. You will be guided by an experienced guide; the equipment meets the standards of safety to meet the safety of the visitors while at the tree tops. The activity can be done in the morning, noon and from 1pm to 6 pm. You can include this in to your safari trip in East Africa and also a visit in Jinja would be a perfect add in to your safari in East Africa.

Nature walks:

Nature walks in mabira forest, can be done without the guide, but for the perfect and the best safari experience, we recommend that you use the resident Guides who are familiar with the forest and can give you the best safari experience when you visit Mabira forest in Uganda safari.

Nature walks in Mabira forest, do not require any fitness level any person can walk around the forest wit ease, including the children, elderly on family safari, are assured of perfect safari experience, there trails in the forest to be followed and will help you explore the depth of the forest.

While here, you will have an opportunity to view various species like the monkeys swinging from one tree to another, there also birds, butterflies as well the giant ancient trees of various types.

Mountain Biking:

The well-maintained trails in the forest, have offered the perfect Mountain biking experience, which may visitors as ventured in to as the way of exploring the forest and far beyond the forest in to the nearby communities.

Mountain bikes can be rented from the Griffins Falls Camp, outside of the forest at the National Forestry Department facility and others can be rented from the Nile river Explorers in Jinja. Mountain biking is exciting and you have an opportunity to view various attractions in the forest such as primates. Birds, butterflies and other. Its an exciting experience you ought not miss when you take your safari trip to Mabira forest.

Mangabey trekking, Monkeys of Uganda

The Mangabey monkeys, are the rare type if monkeys and can only be found in Mabira forest in Uganda, and other few parts of the country, in in few areas bordering Tanzania.

In Mabira forest, there are three habituated groups inside the Mabira forest, you will have a guided safari to track the Mangabeys in the forest, the guides are familiar with them, and you will find it easy since many of the guides were part of the Habituation processDuring the trek in the forest, you will also have an opportunity to sight other monkeys such as the Red-tailed monkeys and bird species, butterflies, flowers and different tree species and plants in the forest.

The Mangabeys have been discovered as one of the rare species in Uganda, and you do not want to miss to track the mangabey monkeys.


Mabira forest shelters a number of different species of birds living in the forest, the forest is home to more than 315 species of birds including endangered species and bird species including; blue crested monarch, Cassin hawk-eagle, Blake bellied seed cracker among others. The best viewing places for birds are in mabira along the open woodland fields, valleys, swampy areas, and shrubs.

While here, you can have an opportunity to spot over 46% of Uganda’s forest bird species in Mabira forest, the birds here are more and can be sighted in through out the forest and you do not need to move a lot in the forest in order to sight the birds, they are easily located. You will love your birding experience while at mabira forest in Uganda.

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Things to do in Mabira

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