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7 Major Benefits of Traveling with a Small Group

Whether you are traveling to a country where the local signs are unfamiliar scribbles, it’s your first time abroad, or you just want to indulge in all the group giggles, small group travel is the gateway to guaranteed fun.

Especially in the current environment of uncertainty and constantly-changing travel regulations, it’s nice not to have to carry all the travel responsibilities on your shoulders, and instead invest in making the most of your time abroad.

What are the benefits of traveling with a small group?

Small group travel translates to accessibility, convenience, and fun. There’s adventure travel, educational travel, language travel, and multi-location travel that is usually conducted in small groups of 15 people or less. The limited size means more fun, less wasted time, more friends, and less stress.

Here’s a few highlighted benefits of traveling with a small group:

1. Instant friends

group of friends laughing on a hike

Being able to share your travels with others can make the experience even better.

Solo travel allows for all the doors of communication, but cool companions are not always guaranteed. However, small group travel takes away all the awkward pressure to befriend strangers and automatically gifts you with a small circle of like-minded, enthusiastic travel mates to ooh and aah with, take your photos, and share meals with.

Plus, a week of travel with a close group of people automatically translates to family, as there is nothing that bonds people together quite like a 15-hour bus ride or experiencing stomach flus together.

2. Safety in numbers

During small group travel, there’s not enough of you to be embarrassing as you march down the Champs d’Elysee, but there’s enough to feel like you have a support system around you.

Whether you want company, need to break a €20 note, or are inspired to tackle the local mercado, there is someone to back you up. Plus, it’s widely observed that solo travelers are more likely to be the target of theft—don’t be that lonely gazelle!

3. An experienced guide

Should you opt for an organized travel program, there’s going to be a Mama (or Papa) Duck to lead you around and impart valuable knowledge. Not only does this mean infinite cool trivia and funny comments, but it also takes many practical responsibilities off your back.

Having someone to handle emergency situations, local medical knowledge, current events, visas, and updated travel restrictions is one of the major benefits of traveling with a small group.

group of people on a boat in thailand

Let’s face it: Dealing with logistics can be a drag.

Plus, your guide is also probably your translator—and while we always encourage memorizing at least the local vocab for courtesy expressions, it’s nice to know that someone can haggle effectively or understand directions to the closest bathroom.

4. Ease of mind

Small group travel means a fixed itinerary, which means that you can just sit back and enjoy the train ride. There are no hidden costs, so the trip is easy to budget, and there’s no need to spend hours trying to figure out canoe connections in the middle of the jungle.

Small group travel does allow for more free time than large groups, so there’s still plenty of time to explore, sip on zobo, and indulge in the nightlife. Who wouldn’t want to pack a punch of adventures abroad without any of the hassle of logistics?

5. More opportunities for experiences

Solo travel limits access to some places and faces, whereas large groups take a notoriously long time to make sure that everyone gets that perfect photo in front of the Eiffel Tower.

group of people sitting on hilltop at golden hour

Small group travel is basically the best of both worlds.

Small groups can whizz between those inconveniences with private transportation rented specially for y’all (no waiting around for six hours at the train station until the next carriage leaves west!), and small groups means that everyone gets more hands-on experience in all the activities.

6. Solo time v. party time

Small groups mean flexibility. If you want to wander off to explore a museum alone, go ahead. There’s no pressure to always be together, as couple travel sometimes is, and there’s still enough people to break down into even smaller groups and rotate through them. But when you do want to hit the town to celebrate a birthday, there’s a crew to cheer you on.

7. Minimizing environmental impact

Small groups usually fit into one van, which is a lot better than ten people zooming around on their own sets of wheels. More and more, travel tour companies are focusing on the local experience and minimizing the human footprint, so do some research beforehand to see which organizations, ideologies, and activities your small group travel organization supports.

It’s always nice to know that you are supporting positive aspects of communities and certified travel groups usually know who to steer away from and who to work with.

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