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Africa’s Big 5 Game Drive

Africa’s Big 5 Game Drive, is an adventure that entails viewing wildlife, in the comfort of a 4×4 open vehicle. A sure way to give you that classical safari feeling.

Africas Big 5 Game Drive nbsp» Inspire African Safaris


Safari game drives are one of the most, popular ways to see wildlife in  Uganda.  The game drives are usually conducted in the early mornings, late afternoon or at night.

These times of the day is when most animals are more active. During the game drive, our knowledgeable and experienced guides, will introduce you to life in the park, and share their infinite knowledge about African wildlife.

A safari game drive can vary in length and distance, depending on individual preferences. As you drive into the wilderness, you will be captivated by the vast beauty of the park.

Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth NP nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Game drive

If you wish to use the safari vehicle exclusively for you and your companions, please advise us during reservation. We are very flexible and willing, to simply work with you to include the level of exclusivity that you desire.

The Uganda Ecosystem is renowned for its abundance of wildlife. During your game drive safari, you most certainly will encounter the big 5: buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard, as well as more wildlife animals and birds.

Big 5 in Uganda.

Big 5 in Uganda, is a term used to mean the strongest animals in the jungle. They are the most fierce, and respectable animals in the parks.

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Inspire African safaris wildlife in uganda

Surely, interested in having an overwhelming Ugandan safari, always keep in mind that without, encountering the big 5, you haven’t explored the beauty in Uganda.

All you have to do, is travel with peace of mind. Inspire African Safaris, is a company with flexibility in it, to make sure the clients dreams are reached.




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