Come let’s explore the amazing hills of Kabale

It is an irresistible feeling that leaves you wanting to spend your entire life there.

The hills and valleys of the brave, the Switzerland of Africa. So is this land referred to.

This is Kabale district located in the south western part of Uganda. Driving through the hills along the snaking murrum roads is an exhilarating and bloodcurdling experience.

It is an irresistible feeling that leaves you wanting to spend your entire life there.

From a top one of the hills in Rukiga County, your eyes are met by the neatly laid out beautiful terraces on the other side.

The smoke bellowing from underneath as farmers set their land ready for the rains. Oh how beautiful it must be when the clouds heed to man’s pleas letting the long awaited rains onto the now dry land and push the green bubbling out from the brown soils.

The shiny iron sheet houses look like beautiful additions to the green down the valleys.

With this kind of environment, my eyes land on the graceful crested crane. Though facing extinction due to encroachment on its habitat, the beautiful bird still hangs on to life in this part of the country.

But of course, the communities here struggle with land fragmentation. Most family land here has been subdivided into small plots of land and shared out amongst the children.

It is early in the morning and sun shyly streams through the clouds and for a Kampala folk used to a bright outburst as early as 8am, this here beckons to life my lazy side.

I feel like covering up longer but no, my time here is up. I have to go back to where life is more artificial and the air not as fresh. I have to return to Kampala. But even before I leave, I already miss the hills; I already miss this wild domesticated.

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