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A Tour To Uganda Equator

With our tour guide / driver, you will depart from Kampala city and head for the equator along the Mpigi-Masaka highway. Since it is a one day trip, you will take your time and could set off by 7:30 am. You will start off your journey travelling through the districts of Mpigi as your final destination will be Kayabwe one of the places the equator crosses Uganda.

The drive to Kayabwe should not take more than 2 hours as the distance from Kampala City to Kayabwe is not that far. Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by one of the tour guides at the equator. You can carry out an equator experiment.

With the experiment done, you will have your lunch and maybe continue relaxing a bit and then head back to Kampala hence call it a day. There are also a couple of craft shops with interesting items that you can buy as souvenirs for yourself and family back home


Our Guide will point out where the 0 degrees latitude crosses, point out the southern hemisphere and also the northern hemisphere. With the help of the magnetic fields and the water used, he will show you that in the Northern pole, the water will sink out through the hole in the clockwise angle. However, in the southern pole, the water will sink down the hole in a counter-clockwise as caused by the magnetic fields.

The experience is finished off with the water sinking at the 0 degrees latitude straight down, proving that that is the imaginary line that crosses the whole world. This is as simple as it sounds but the experience is in a way mind blowing as you see with proving how the water is sucked down in all different directions.


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