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Hiking at Mountain Moroto in Uganda

Hiking Mountain Moroto, all you need to know – Mountain Moroto is the highest mountain in Uganda’s Northeaster Karamoja sub-region and offers a variety of hiking, walking and trekking options.

Hiking guides

Kara-Tunga recommends Hiking Mountain Moroto with an experienced local guide to:

  • Safeguard your health and safety through his experience and knowledge of the environment, climate, terrain, communities, actualities and cultural setting.
  • Enrich the experience by interpreting the natural environment and cultural context of the mountain and its surroundings.
  • Bridge the language barrier with the local communities on the trail who still life a traditional live and only speak the native language. BBC


Hiking any of the four prominent mountain ranges in Karamoja land(Northeastern Uganda) doesn’t require any special technical equipment if you keep to the trails and plan for the applicable weather conditions.

Best period to hike

The   best period to hike mountain Moroto and other mountain ranges in Karamoja land is in the dry season from October to April. Nonetheless, rainy season offers also possibilities for hiking with the necessary preparations on especially Mountain Moroto due to its rocky trails. Though feeling temperature drops and needs to be considered during packing.


The day and night temperature on Mountain Moroto varies from season to season with in any season the chance of high temperatures during the day (30C) and low temperatures during the night (10C). The additional late afternoon and early morning winds can amplify the real feeling temperature.


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Mountain Moroto

Mountain Moroto offers interesting and exciting trails for any type of adventurer, from walking trails on the slopes up to multi-day trekking options touching the peaks of the mountain.

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Hiking Mountain Moroto

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