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Kampala City Tour

Kampala City tour in Uganda is one of the most exciting activity, included as an activity on our, Inspire African Safaris  packages. Why? Read Ahead!

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Kampala city

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, located in the central Uganda and Buganda region. Kampala is located 40km from Entebbe international airport, and it can take 80 minutes from Entebbe using the old route and 60 minutes using express route to the city center

Kampala was formed by Captain Frederick Lugard  , as the head quarters of the imperial British east African company in 1890.

Kampala is estimated to have over 10 million people from all over the world even outside Africans like Americans, Asians, Arabs and other African countries

The most language used in Kampala is Luganda, because is found in  Buganda Kingdom, where most speak Luganda to make to easy to interact with each other.

Kampala city nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Kampala city

English is the official language, and also used by those that can’t pick Luganda, with Kiswahili for those can’t speak any of the two, for easing the communication mostly, business people in order to increase bargaining power on prices

Kampala will give you the authentic experience on your trip to Uganda, with most welcoming people that will be happy to see you touring the city.

Kampala has a lot of tourism destinations, and according to your interests, you will decide where you want to visit. Among these beautiful sites include;

Uganda National Museum

Uganda museum nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Uganda museum

Preserved to tell that story of where Uganda has been, its beauty and heritage. The stories are amazing! And those guys know their history-trust me!

Every time you visit, You will enjoy the sound of the Ugandan drums, and other musical instruments, but most of all the stories behind them too.

Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi tombs nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Kasubi tombs

A UNESCO world heritage site in Kampala, that is the burial ground for four past Kabakas of Uganda as well as the Royal Lineage

Uganda National Mosque

Also known as the Gaddafi mosque, is located in an area called Old Kampala on Kampala hill in the city. It houses the headquarters of Islamic faith in Uganda and headquarters of the Uganda Muslim supreme council.

The Islamic Moslem council takes care of all people, at all levels and takes care of the Islamic affairs of Uganda. Gaddafi mosque is named after the late president of Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

It’s construction started in 1972, by former President of Republic of Uganda Idi Amin Dada, and was by then called Old Kampala national mosque, but later it came to a standstill in 1976 up to 2001.

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National Mosque

When Gaddafi visited Uganda, he was asked for assistance which he gave in form of re-construction of the national mosque. Construction began again in 2006 and was completed and officially opened in 2007.

The mosque was then named after Muammer Gaddafi as Gaddafi National Mosque. In 2013, after his death the name was changed to Uganda National Mosque, due to the new Libyan government being reluctant to rehabilitate the mosque in Gaddafi’s name.

The mosque sits on 12 acres of land and is known as one of the biggest mosques in Africa. It has the tallest minaret where the muezzin calls Muslims for prayers.

The Uganda National mosque has a sitting capacity of 15,000 worshippers inside the hall, 1,100 people in the gallery and another 3,500 in the terrace. This mosque can be visited by people of all walks of life and can be accessed anytime of the year.

Bahai temple

It is located on Kikaya Hill 6km from Kampala, was opened on 15th January  in year 1962. Also known as Mashriq I’-Adhakar, it is the first Bahai temple in Africa and one of the 9 Bahai temples in the world.

The Bahai faith is all inclusive religion that seeks to unite all races and religions of Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, and Islamic and non-believers. It is set up on the idea that human rights are a priority in teaching the true values of humanity.

Bahai was founded in 1850 by a Persian mystic Baha’u’llah, which literally means God of Glory born in 1812. The temple is a unique architectural master piece, with a beautiful park like ground, with beautiful trees and green carpet grass in which many people sit and have peaceful moments.

Bahai temple nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Bahai Temple

Bahai teaches that heaven and hell are not places, but rather states being reached when one does good or bad. The temple has no dedicated day of the week to meet as it is in the Bahai holy law.

But rather, Bahai followers choose a day that is convenient for them, and the temple has a minimum of three prayers where followers adore God under the dome.

Bahai temple is a great place for tourist visits, family tour, picnics and people who wish to have a quiet peaceful time as to enjoy the beautiful environment away from the city noise.

Uganda Martyr’s Shrine Namugongo

The 4th among the best places to visit in Kampala, is Uganda martyrs Shrine Namugongo. This Namugongo martyrs shrine is located off Kampala- Jinja road in Kira municipality wakiso district.

It is a place where 32 young men were burnt to death, after they refused to denounce their faith by order of Kabaka Mwanga 11 (king), on 3rd June 1886.

A basilica with a structural design is inspiration from the African hut, built at the spot where Charles Lwanga was burnt to death in slow fire. The Basilica is designed with 22 copper pillars signifying the 22 martyrs and the circular interior contains up to 2,000 seats.

Namugongo nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Namugongo shrine

The shrine is surrounded by green compound with many trees, leading to a man made pond which according to history, served as cleansing ground for executioners.

The 22 catholic martyrs were canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1964, during the Vatican conference these include Kizito, Balikudembe, Charles Lwanga, SSerunkuma and many more.

Uganda commemorates martyr’s day every 3rd  of June, a lot of people from East Africa and other countries come to commemorate the lives of these dedicated men of God. Some people choose to walk in honor of the suffering the martyrs went through.

Person to person pilgrims walk with faith though tired, and exhausted to pay homage to these men of God. Many pilgrims draw water from the lake believing in its healing powers. For visitors interested in Uganda’s faith based tourism this is a must visit. 

Independence Monument

Independence monument of Uganda, is apparently the most important and significant monument in Uganda, the monument is situated along Speke road, opposite standard chartered bank and near Sheraton hotel’s gardens.

This monument was laid to commemorate the independence of Uganda, which was granted to her from it’s the British colonial leaders, the monument structure was built with a man unwrapping his child, and raising it in the air which means a new born country freed from bondage of colonial rule.

Independence monument nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Independence monument

Surely, there are very many attraction sites, only a few listed not forgetting the, Idi Amin Toture Chamber, Kabakas Lake, Owino/Nakasero Market, The Parliament of Uganda, and many more sites.

You can have a memorable tour in Kampala with an experienced guide, preferably, Inspire African Safaris   can provide you with one. How to get there, it can be by drive or walk.

Kampala city walk: some tourist have visited tourists attraction in Kampala by walking from one destination to another  which gives them good impression of the city

City drive: you can also have tour of Kampala by driving from one destination to another but with a lot of traffic jams mostly during morning and evening hours.

All in all, Kampala city tour may sound a joke to many, but apparently it is one of the most exciting activities, not to forget on your safari. Feel free to contact any of our team members incase of any inquiries.

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