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Life without travel.

Life without travel, is a life not lived.  When I say travel, it  is indeed something strange. Some people like it, others  love it, some are just afraid of it, while others want to try it out, but just don’t know where to start from.

Am not talking about the travelling where, you sit yourself comfortably in a bus, train or plane, so that you move from one destination to another. NO! But rather going into the unknown world. The world, you have only heard in news, read in books, blogs or even heard from friends narrating there experiences.

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Lake Bunyonyi

When I say travel, I mean going to places you’ve never seen before, places extremely far away from your own backyard. Places you knew nothing about, places of which you didn’t even know they existed. Can you imagine, moving from place to place, city to city from where your airplane, train or bus arrives to into the new world, but only being guided by the people on ground and show you the way.

What is travelling?

One would wish to know the true definition of travelling, but you realize, when I say it is the movement of people between distant locations. That surely does not fit, because there is more to just that. It is indeed quite an extreme form of travelling, since not only are we going to use our legs and butts, but also, all the 5 senses.

Do not forget that when you take a step to travel, you should carry lots of things like camera, notepads and many more, this is because your just about to discover new places, experience new atmosphere, Its ambiance, the fresh sea breezes from the fresh water sources around and amazing cultures.

Indeed! without travel, life is unlived. This is because a traveler knows there is more to life and more in the world than just his own city, his own people and habits, and wants to get to know this by experiencing it for himself. However, daunting it is, only the brave ones are ready to sacrifice a journey out of their residence.

Life without travel nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Boat cruise at kazinga channel

Take an example, if you moved from South Africa, a country where you grew up, to any East African country, already you will find cultures that are different. Many things may seem the same, such as the public transport, working places, houses, but there is always a core in it all that makes it different from what you know.

While out there, you get to see different people and their habits, way of living, how they view the world, their food, their way of treating others and many other things. More to that, you get to see different kinds of nature and creatures that live in them. And that’s the point you accept that there is a great creator.

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African corn

The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page. All that was said by St. Augustine. The next page always describes more to what the previous page said. So why not take a step out there and realize the importance of travel to your life.

You realize people who don’t travel are at high risks of suffering from, depression, hypertension and many more. So better to try travelling because it is very useful to us.

Below are some reasons why you should choose a life of travel over that without it.

Life without travel is boring but an exciting adventure with travel

Exploring a fresh territory is indeed exciting.  This is more to a reason why people love to travel. Humans enjoy new experiences and travelling lets us tap into it.

Travelling is the perfect time to do something different and exciting, especially something you can’t do at home. If you always cooked your meals, this time you will be cooked for. But all in all, the thrill starts the minute you land in a new environment.

Conquering the new environment could be trying new foods, being danced for like in Uganda, learning new words in different languages, or it could be a physical experience, like visiting the wild, hiking and trekking for the mountain gorillas, white water rafting in Uganda and many more. You’ll have lots of fun.

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cultural dance with tourist

You’ll revel in the rush you get from your exploits. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. And you’ll return home with the best souvenir. And that is a life time memory.

Mind opening

Travelling opens up your mind. You realize that there’s no one way to live life. Meeting people from other places, will show you that your world view is different from theirs.

You can’t imagine how different life is in another place until you see for yourself. Everything from work to family, beliefs to interests, is not what you might expect from your own experience. The different settings will also help you discover, evaluate and consider fresh ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

You’ll come home with different notions and possibilities. By being exposed to new places, people and cultures, you’ll develop a wider world view. And that will make you a better-rounded global citizen. It’s a great reward and big reason why your option now, would be travel.

Know more about yourself

Getting away from home gives you the opportunity to reflect on your life. You have the needed time and space to let your mind settle and relax.

Traveling is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself. How? Every day traveling brings a new set of issues and opportunities. The way you handle those also gives you insight into who you are.

By the time you return home, there is a wide and better insight of yourself, and with a fresh perspective on what you want out of life. The experience is always mind blowing. With the new changes around, you learn how to deal with many things..


Often times, we get so lost in our daily activities, hence very easy to lose sight of what we have. Your eyes aren’t open to what’s special about you, your home or even your area.

Exploring another place will give you a fresh appreciation for yourself, hometown, country and reality. Once you’re back, you’ll feel lucky to live where you do. You’ll see that there really is no place like home. And more so, you will understand you’re who you’re.

Strengthens relationships

Travelling brings people together. A family getaway, a friends get together, girls or guys weekend  can strengthen important bonds.

Work usually takes most of our time. And we actually forget about our families and friends. By the time your off work, the kids are already asleep, meaning no time for family except on a trip. Not all can be described in essays, but one thing am certain about is, Life without travel is pointless.

More reasons why a life of travel is worthwhile include;

Relaxing the mind and off to the daily torments

African safari lion jeep nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Lion and tourists

Escaping certain situations, hence thinking about the better for life.

Challenging oneself

Really, every destination has something unique to teach visitors, and immersing themselves in a completely different world. This is the best life you could ever have.

It makes you gain a deep sense of satisfaction. With new skills learnt and insights gained, a lot is erased off your mind be it stress, depression or any other torture. Travelling makes the difference especially with Inspire African Safaris.

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