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Planning a safari

Planning a safari in Uganda is probably the most organized vacation you will ever take, however it is not as easy as you think especially when it comes to considering the budget. All you need to know about planning for the better including tips ,dos/don’ts & more helpful resources is right here.

Why Uganda? It has got a lot of interesting sites, and so many travelers find it daunting to prepare a safari to this interesting Pearl of Africa and hence need a hand.

Some times we use the advice of good tour agents but still find it difficult to make certain decisions. I admit I am also a tour agent but the difference is,  I have travelled on numerous trips all around Africa and had to know what is required.

Planning a safari in Uganda nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

planning a safari

There are a number of key points to consider in order to plan for your safari. You should determine where to go, how long, what to pack all as per the budget for your safari. Today, we are going to tell you where to start and how to plan your safari in Uganda.

Remember, Uganda is a fast-growing African safari destination that is seeing ever-growing numbers of travelers. But all have different points of interest. Today, I will give you easy steps to planning a successful budget fit safari to Uganda.

1.Where to go

With various National Parks and  Wildlife Reserves to choose from, deciding where to go in Uganda can be a bit tricky.

Are you looking for the classic game drives, perhaps Queen Elizabeth or Murchison NP is the right choice for you. Want to discover great ancient cultures, Karamoja in the north or Kidepo Valley  may be your way forward. Tracking, consider the Bwindi Impenetrable NP a home for the gorillas or  Kibaale NP a home for the gorillas.

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If you enjoy birding, Entebbe near Lake Victoria and western Uganda should be where you go birding. For a city cruise, culture and adventure, Kampala would be the best or the colonial Jinja town where you will find the source of the Nile that will keep you awake throughout the night.

Imagine, the eagle that flies from Mount Elgon across Lake Victoria to the snow capped Mountain Rwenzori that peers down upon one of the most verdant lands in eastern Uganda. The region has copious rainfall, much bright sunlight, gorillas, numerous rivers and lakes, high and low lands which are impressive.

Snow capped Rwenzori nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Snow capped Mountain Rwenzori

It is time  for you to start figuring out where to go in Uganda, because it has very many amazing sites that you will not find any where else. If you’ve been there before, it’s more than likely you can’t wait to go back.

2. When to go and how long

Next is you have to decide when to go and how long your willing to remain for the safari. Uganda has two optimum travel seasons that most travelers consider, the dry season and rainy season.

Usually, the dry season runs through December to February and June to August. This season best suits gorilla tracking  adventures because the forest floors are less damp, trails are passable, and you’re sure you and your photography equipment will not get drenched in the downpours. However, it would be best if you didn’t rule out rain because you’ll be hiking in a rainforest.

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the big five

The wildlife savannah reserves during the dry season, skies are clear, less rain, more sunshine, and vegetation is less distracting for wildlife photography. At this time, the animals gather around main water holes, making wildlife easier to spot. The dry season is the best time to take a boat cruise.

And in the rainy season, rapids are a lot stronger making activities requiring whitewater to propel you forward. Activities like river kayaking, river tubing rides are more thrilling and exciting.

River kayaking nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

river kayaking

How long should your ideal safari be? It’s a tough question because everyone is different and some people have a bigger tank than others. That is, they can concentrate and enjoy the experience for longer without having a break.

while others, cruising around for a couple of hours and scanning the African landscape for life is incredibly enjoyable, but that’s long enough. Not forgetting, the amount of money your willing to spend. Logically, the longer the safari, the more costly and the less days the less costs.

3. Booking for the entire safari

The fact that it is a different country you always need help from tour guides in that area. If you opt for an all-inclusive guided safari, your tour operator should organize details like accommodations and tours for you.

Even if you decide to book everything yourself, you’ll probably have to arrange treks and safaris through a specialized local safari company, unless if your taking a self game drive in easy destinations like Lake Mburo NP or Queen Elizabeth

The best local operator to give you a great experience in planning and during your trip, is Inspire African Safaris as recommended by many & evidenced by the numerous reviews on Trip Advisor. You can always get to them through direct contacts.

4. Book your ticket and get ready to fly

You definitely need to prepare to fly, depending on where on going, for flights to Uganda, sometimes they can be expensive, since there is always a limited number of carriers often means that seats fill up quickly. For the best rates, book as far in advance as possible.

Get ready to fly nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Get ready to fly

If you have air miles, make sure to check whether the corresponding airline flies to Entebbe International Airport, Uganda’s only international Airport , if not, use a flight comparison Skyscanner  to guarantee the lowest fare.

Try to communicate your international flights with your local operator when booking, so the ground handler or first night hotel will be responsible for arranging airport transfers.

5. Safety Precautions in response to Covid 19

At least two months before you depart for your Uganda trip, you need to visit a travel clinic and determine what vaccinations are recommended for your destination.

Hepatitis A, typhoid, and rabies are good ones to have. Uganda immigration will require proof of yellow fever vaccination as a condition of entry, while malaria is prevalent throughout most regions.

A negative PCR COVID-19 test certificate is a mandatory entry requirement in Uganda. That and other entry requirements you should look out for.

Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we travel, and on safari trips, we lookout for yours and our protection. Make sure you’re up to date with current coronavirus recommendations for travelers.

With these clues, be rest assured to have a wonderful, memorable and exciting safari in Uganda. Planning a safari should longer be daunting, If it does just contact us, and it will be as Abc.





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