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Queen Elizabeth game drive

Queen Elizabeth game drive, Like other Savannah parks, game viewing is the specialty of Queen Elizabeth national park. It is home to big game in big numbers.

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Game drive

The park has about 3000 Elephants, 5000 hippos, and there are over 10,000 of Cape Buffalos. But there are also other small game including Warthogs, Waterbuck, Uganda Kob, Topi and even the rare semi-aquatic Sitatunga Antelope.

To get the best out of your game drive, and experience a classic African safari, the tracks through Kasenyi sector, the North Kazinga Plains, and the Ishasha Sector, offer virtually guaranteed buffalo, antelope and elephant sightings, along with warthogs and baboons.

Taking an experienced guide, preferably one from Inspire African Safaris, in the early morning, or at dusk is the most successful way to track down a pride of lions, and maybe even the odd leopard.

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the big five

Game drives, can be done in Ishasha in order, to catch a glimpse of the tree climbing lions, In Kasenyi and north Kazinga plain, for an assured sighting of cape buffaloes, African elephants, and the antelopes.

For tourists who are enthusiastic about sighting the big cats, night game drives are advisable, as most of these cats are nocturnal animals, and more of these species, can be seen in the night.

Night Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Night Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park, is emotionally a great activity which can be enjoyed in different ways, though day time has a lot folded in it which can be greatly sighted, on boat launch at Kazinga Channel.

However, the night game drive might not be famously done in the park, but in return it might be your best activity, to see the wild cats closer, and feel awesome adventure you have never before, participated through getting close to the King of the African jungle.

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Note, night game drive is fabulous activity usually done when the sun sets, and the night falls in the wilderness of Uganda Queen Elizabeth NP, that involves the use of a strong spot light torch, to provide perfect sights of animals more clearly in the dark.

It’s an activity which helps you get closer to the animals, more specially to the big cats since, at night they shed off their human fear as they easily get closer to your vehicle, nothing worth of seeing lions on prey feeding.

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Night game drive

There’s no doubt of being part of a night game drive, the bright sky of African wilderness with amazing sounds of creatures, as it is noted as the most exciting activity on Uganda Safari, and to many who have participated in it can witness.

The night game drives can also be done in other national parks, such as Murchison Falls National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park these are the few places where you can book for your night game drive on Uganda Safari.

What to expect from the night game drive?

During the night game drive at Queen Elizabeth national park, expect to see many hippos moving, while grazing on the short grass, as well as seeing herds of elephants moving around, large number of antelopes in the field, gigantic buffaloes lying down in the grass.

If you’re lucky, you get into a pride of lions as they walk around your vehicle, or busy feeding on the antelopes. There are interesting trails, and trucks between Mweya Peninsula, and Katunguru main gate.

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game drive

This is where you watch number of water bucks, kobs, elephants and occasionally with an opportunity to spot a leopard in a thicket with its night bright eyes.

The night game drives, are highly recommended to use 4×4 wheel drive vehicles. as self-drive or tour company vehicle but the Inspire African Safaris vehicle are ideal, because they are compatible for lose weather roads.

The vehicles have pop up roofs, that provides clear seeing of leopards, and other animals closer quite interesting.

All in all, exploring the wild and knowing its harbors, is very exciting. Cruising all around in a comfortable ride, while watching the big 5 roam around, and the thriller you get when a wild cat gets closer to you.

Very interesting and exciting , a trip it can be provided you have the best guides to take you round. Inspire African Safaris has a great team evidenced by the numerous reviews.


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