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  •   My tour to uganda, i did it with inspire African safaris and i got axciting and nice experience.
    It started from the airport, i was picked earlier... read more


      It was an amazing trip to tour with inspire African safaris with all the amazing comfort of their van, Richards the tour guide who extremely made the tour enjoyful, we... read more


      Me and my friends had a safari to Bwindi and I was so excited to meet Gorillas after a long hike to the Top of Mountain.
    It was a great... read more

  •   The tour generally was fine, everything was fine, the drive to the lodge was really interesting and the lodge was able to make my night fantastic and next day... read more


      The gorilla tracking tour in Uganda was fantastic and memorable, we travelled well from airport to the lodge and lodgeand the services were fine, the gorilla hiking was fine too.to... read more


      The experience was good and unforgettable, I was picked from the airport by inspire African safaris which I booked with and we had a stop over at equator and... read more

  •   Travelling with Inspire African Safaris was my best remembrance in Uganda, David picked us from the airport in their van, for really i felt real comfort in their van it... read more


      The unforgettable tour experience with inspire African safaris, at first when i inquired from the company, i was attended to quickly and booking was very easy.
    The journey from airport... read more


      Gorilla tracking is so exciting, I loved the hour I spent with Gorillas especially. My guide Richard David's with his loving personality made me feel home, the lodge was wisely... read more

  •   I had a full week in Uganda exploring places with Richards, I can't explain and write everything but I can conclude Uganda is the best place so far and my... read more


      My favourite part was the hour i spent with Gorillas and also the hour with King Batwa, The tour is best value for Money and its amazing.
    the Road drive... read more


      Travelling with Inspire African Safaris was my best stress killer in 2020, the year of Covid19, travelling with David Richards who was my tour guide, he really made me enjoy... read more

  •   The holiday of a life time - with the zip line and rafting was without a doubt our favourite family trip. The comfort and beauty of the four wheel ride,... read more


      I can only say perfect. For me, the trips with Richard were the best I could do in uganda. At first, before I arrived, I was a little... read more


      I arrived in the Pearl of Africa on the 7th of Jan, 2021, for a 3days Gorilla Hiking Safari to Bwindi. It was an amazing trip of which I was... read more

  •   I loved my recent safari with Inspire African Safaris, For sure I loved it.. The safari was amazing, it has taken away all my covid19 stress, The animals were all... read more


      The hospitality offered is five star.
    The Murchison falls water sounds
    Everything was excellent.


      I can't really thank enough the team at inspire Safaris for arranging me a best safari to this National Game Park.
    I have to say you guys are the best... read more

  •   I had a safari with inspire safaris and I enjoyed it. It was so great especially the lodge with elephants. The environment was so nice and it made fall in... read more


      I have lived in Uganda for 40 years but I had not tested Uganda's beauty. After we were stroked by news of covid19 our country was locked down. That instilled... read more


      We booked a 6 day trip with the tour company Inspire African Safaris through there site. Everything about the trip was amazing. The wildlife and beauty of Uganda was amazing... read more

  •   I can't thank Enough Inspire African Safaris.
    My Guide Milly was great and she knew alot about Uganda.
    My reservation was handled well and I must say it was handled... read more


      Me and my dear wife we had a safari to queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda in January, Richard of Inspire African Safaris helped organize this trip for us and he... read more


      Airways Tours & Travels may not sound much like a safari company but I opted for them after getting in touch with them on whatsapp and feeling convinced by the... read more

  •   Whenever I think of airways tt and the man him self Richard plus all his team #memories,the day we went to Queen Elizabeth NP started as a usual day only... read more


      We planned to go for a family trip in East Africa with Airways TT. The process was amazing and everything was carefully planned by Airways team. The places
    booked... read more


      We had a great experience during our 3 days Safari in the Queen Elizabeth park. Richard was very friendly and drove us safely from Entebbe to the park. Although it... read more

  •   I past a very nice day! Thank you to my driver who stayed with me. The Source of The Nile is a peacefull and beautiful place


      I had a 3 days safari organized by Richard of Airways Tours & Travel.
    The experience I had with this company is never before, they have the best working team... read more


      Me and my wife had our wedding in December and we had planned a safari earlier with this company.
    Richard was so knowledgeable about this landlocked country nature, he had... read more


From Google

The tour experience was so wonderful, because I was able to see gorillas in mountains and I was so excited and I was explained how gorillas live their life when we were in forest and it was interesting. The local dishes served at lodge was good and the lodge itself was ok. The Batwa performed cultural dance for us and it was so unique in that dancer has to jump and hit the ground, so interesting. The guide was a good person and the drive from airport to the lodge I was active, getting stories about the country and the people and it was the guide telling those stories. Generally the tour was very good and worth my money. So thanks inspire African safaris the tour company and Samuel the guide and I would recommend inspire to any person planning to go to Uganda for a tour.Faruku MaleFebruary 12, 2021
The tour was really good,e everything was fine , the drive to the lodge was interesting and the lodge was able to make my night good and next day we had to hike muontain to find gorillas and the hiking made me so active I really liked it, we managed to find gorillas in 2 large groups and it was interesting and good experience, another interesting part dancing with Batwa people who share forest with gorillas. In simple everything was fantastic The guide was good and friendly and I recommend inspire African safaris to any persons planning to visit Uganda for gorilla tour.Regina BirungiFebruary 10, 2021
My first safari to uganda has been with inspire safaris and it was really incredible, very incredible. First my Safari car was so nice and it put me into safari moods then my guide Richard was so amazing with full of beautiful stories, the jourey was full of storis about uganda generally untill we reached the lodge which was very good and mood maker, they served us local dishes which was so unique and good. the second day of my tour , i was prepared for gorilla trekking, we entered the forest and hiked the gorillas which we found at the hilltop in the forest. I was so happy seeing Gorillas, Worthy my time and Money. I recommend this #trending safari to everyone.kaweesai samuelFebruary 10, 2021
The experience was really good I enjoyed the drive from airport to the hotel, the hotel was ok, hiking the mountain in search for gorillas was interesting , gorillas we're also interesting, so calm, behaving like humans, it was really surprising and so interesting, the Batwa with there culture was also intereting and even the guide was good and friendly. Actually the experience was incredible. Inspire african safaris thanks for the good service.Tony KawumaFebruary 9, 2021
The tour generally was good, it started from booking with inspire African safaris. The journey was ok from the airpot to the lodges because the driver was good, the journey did not bore me The lodge was fine and i liked the forest view and fresh air, Gorilla trekking was interesting becouse we had to move up to the top of the hill where we found gorillas, it was so intereting and memoreable, another interesting thing was the people living in the forest with the gorillas, we happened to vist them and they were okey. So we had to move back and that was tour in general, thanks inspire african safarisKaghala SandraFebruary 9, 2021
It was a great experience to travel with Inspire African Safaris for Gorilla trekking in Bwindi, they really gave me comfort with their van with good accommodations in the hotels of mestil, the nature of the pearl of Africa was really amazing, I enjoyed trekking gorillas in Bwindi, this will never be forgotten in my of safaris, meals were really enjoyable and places of rest in bwindi were the most comfort. I will in regard recommend friends to tour with Inspire Africa Safaris for great experience of safaris in uganda.Everything EverythingFebruary 8, 2021
The trip was successful with inspire safaris and i enjoyed the tour, the guide Herman was friendly and he kept me active up to the lodge where i spent my night, The services were good and i liked the green environment around the lodge. The gorilla trekking was also fantastic in the forest and we found the gorillas in large numbers which made the experience great and memorable The native people of the area were friendly and i wondered the way how those people share the forest with gorillas, but every thing was fine generally. The inspire safaris did it well and i enjoyed the trip.Mariam HamedFebruary 8, 2021
My tour with inspire safaris left me with unforgettable memories, the journey was so cool with friendly tour guide by names of Richard who managed to make me reach the lodge with out boredom. the lodge was good and all service, the next day the preparation for gorilla trekking was ok, and with in an hour we had managed to find gorillas at the top of the hill, there ways was so amazing after seeing the gorillas, all my expections were blue tiked, so i recomend inspire safaris to any one planning to do a gorilla trekking tour.matovu herman JosephFebruary 8, 2021
We booked a 6 day trip with the tour company Inspire African Safaris through there site. Everything about the trip was amazing. The wildlife and beauty of Uganda was amazing and the hospitality of the people is un-paralleled compared to every place in the world we had ever been. We bought a superzoom camera prior to the trip and it was so worth it. We encountered animals that were close enough we could touch and animals that we were glad weren't that close. A good camera is a must!Nothing can compare to coming face to face with a gorilla and investigating each other from within an arms reach or seeing a pride of lions on the hunt. If you have ever wanted to see Africa, Uganda is the place to go. Food was great too and our guide was the best. Richard Davids was like family by the end of the trip and was so insightful, kind, and patient. We visited 3 Game parks and the hippos in queen elizabeth park were just amazing, so many and playful. For any travelers planning a safari to Uganda, don't risk your safari with unprofessional operators, I recommend this company, the packages on tripadvisor and their site is just amazing. kick restart your adventures with them. highly professional team.frank kabiitoJune 19, 2020
I can't thank Enough Inspire African Safaris. My Guide Milly was great and she knew alot about Uganda. My reservation was handled well and I must say it was handled with care and expertism. There was no last minute changes and I trekked gorillas successfully. I saw leopard in queen Elizabeth and many other wilds as that was my dream and my fiance. I was happy to be invited to write a recommendation here and I really recommend this company. The best in Uganda and I hope everyone can book their safaris. Thank you Milly and Inspire team members. God bless you.Jonah Nick KayimaMay 28, 2020
Easy access to the Airportleku alfredSeptember 13, 2019
Gloria namugerwaJune 23, 2019
Golola WilliamsJune 17, 2019
Nyesigomu EmmanuelJune 17, 2019
marchision falls national game park is such an amazing place. in that it is cool,interesting,, lovely and very full of interesting creatures one would like to see. I really enjoyed the place the day I visited it.musimenta de5syJune 14, 2019
Truly nature, more amazing thing exist in this world I have never enjoyed has I did with AIRWAYS TOURS &TRAVEL please indeed keep it up one more tour for me wait until I enjoy.....0755101524 OnesmusJune 13, 2019
Just the best airways tour n travel...everyone should try it..ANTINHO 9June 13, 2019
Sam OkiaJune 13, 2019
amanyire PhilipJune 13, 2019
Angel MamelicaJune 13, 2019
This is the best company in Uganda, thanks for your good servicesMukiibi JeremiahJune 12, 2019
Yes l have seen these people doing well, interesting and trust worth l expect to work with them soon, l love there care, love, experience, and in all they fear God... Soon traveling with you guysKusasira IsaacJune 12, 2019
This is the tourism company with the best services and offers ever that make your dreams come true. Am more than sure that its the best in Uganda. I can't Wait to travel and tour with you again. Keep up the good work.HEZRON LUKWAGOJune 12, 2019
nahabwe ivanJune 6, 2019
On 21st last week it was great day for me when I travelled to Murchision Game Park with Airways Tours and Travels. I saw some of the wild animals have never seen like Rhinos, lion, elephants among others. Big up Airways Tours and Travels, I promise to go back with again very soonAisha NsanaFebruary 28, 2019
I had a trip with Airways Tours & travels at Murchison game park and I saw various wild animals like lions, leopards, elephants, rhino.It was a great experience big up Airways Tours &Travelskayongo AugustineFebruary 16, 2019
I had a great time with Richard on my trip to Murchison Falls. Richard has a lot of knowledge about Uganda in general and it was super fascinating for me to learn about the political climate over the last 50 years. In the park, he made sure to take time to explain various features and drive down tracks to ensure that we saw the most possible. He’s super flexible with itineraries and schedules so you’re sure to have a personalised experience.Rukmal De SilvaJanuary 22, 2019
Breathtaking Trip I had with this company, They looked new in business there charges are cheap and they give out a lot, I highly recommend them for your tour in Uganda.Lucky MillyJanuary 20, 2019
Yes thank you for joining google, wanted to leave my review in December here, However on TripAdvisor you rocking guys. Am still very happy about my Adventure I had with you, I loved your services. How I wish everyone books with you. Lions were wow, OMG!! I can't forget, Loved the Murchison Falls and Chimpanzee trekking. Life time experienceswilliams nancyJanuary 20, 2019
Our New corporate OfficesKATONGOLE RICHARDJanuary 9, 2019

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