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Richard Davids at Inspire always says, take risks. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to bet on yourself and shoot for the stars frequently.

But how do you balance this appetite for risk, with important personal responsibilities, like paying a mortgage or taking care of your family?

Too many founders embrace risk without first laying out a safety net, and when the tables turn the results can sometimes be catastrophic.

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As CEO of, Inspire African Safaris,  few things could have prepared me for the “Black Swan” event that was Covid-19. As soon as lockdowns went into effect, new customer acquisition immediately drew back.

We fought hard throughout the year to survive, and had to take unprecedented risks to stay afloat. That is why to date, we are one of the lead tour operators, in Uganda.

But as it turns out, a controversial personal finance decision, I had made at the start of 2020 gave me peace of mind about the whole situation. Guess what it was, travelling!

Why travelling? Because there is life in it. Not speaking because am a tour operator, but because a new life is always generated with travel.

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@CkPoznani Guests in Lake mburo National Park seeing Giraffes in close range

I did travelling myself, most people enjoy taking a break from their everyday lives to do a bit of travelling, but not many realize just how life-changing travel can be.

Yes, travel offers up the opportunity to see exotic places, where you can see famous landmarks and taste new flavors, but it can also be so much more.

The key to experiencing life-altering travel, is the willingness to go outside of your comfort zone, and challenging your beliefs and opinions.

You’ll soon realize, that there is no single way to live, while engraved only in one era. Only travel can guarantee the chance, for you to reach and see the unreachable.

So, dare to live the life you’ve always wanted, and realize the life you currently have doesn’t necessarily need to be permanent.

Whether you’re thinking of relocating to another country, meeting new people from different cultures, or starting a new career abroad, there are a number of ways travelling can change.

There are three major ways, travelling can be life changing. There as follows;

Making Long-Lasting Friendships

Whether you’re travelling solo or as a family, you can easily meet new fascinating people if you’re willing to put yourself out there.

While holidays may be enjoyable, without needing to forge relationships with locals or other travelers, it is often new found relationships we develop, while travelling which gives us to a certain destination.

When we travel, we rid ourselves of daily stresses and distractions. This allows us to offer more attention to conversations and really connect with other people.

This ultimately means you can develop, strong and meaningful bonds with complete strangers in a surprisingly short amount of time. You will also notice that you can strengthen bonds with family or friends that are travelling with you and even discover more about who you really are.

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tourists at katonga

Engaging with locals and developing new friendships, will allow you to open up your mind to new ideas and ways of life that, will challenge your possible misconceived perceptions of certain cultures or groups of people.

Travel makes you realize, that most people around the world are inherently friendly and genuine people, with locals also being able to let you in on great tips, while travelling and may have connections that can enhance the enjoyment of your trip.

You may also run into other fellow expats such as yourself, for whom you may be able to develop bonds with which could lead to future travel possibilities, if you end up making plans to meet up around the world.

Finding Your Ideal Forever Home

Many people also end up discovering places, they absolutely fall in love with while travelling. While it may be easier to relocate domestically to another state or region of your home country, many nations are making it easy to move and set up a new life abroad.

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It’s easy to fall in love with a new country, and want to relocate there thanks to new adventures and surroundings that make you feel alive and engage all your senses.

There are of course certain countries that are especially luring such as Uganda which in addition to its stunning beauty offers an easy path, for a foreigner to become a resident or future citizen.

Discovering yourself and adapting a Lifestyle.

If you don’t know what excites you in life, you’re not going to find it, by continuing to live and breathe the same exact routine every week, year after year.

Traveling forces us to get out of our comfort zones. When we travel, we experience new things, which helps us grow. When we experience new activities, new cultures, and new schedules, it opens our minds to new possibilities.

When you realize that not everybody in the world works in the 9-5 world, has kids by a certain age, or is chained to their desk, you start thinking that other lifestyles are possible for you too.

It is very easy to become passive in your life and just drift through it. When you travel, you act. You make many decisions when you travel, from travel plans to where to eat to what adventures you’ll take.

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Traveling gives you plenty of amazing opportunities to take charge of your life and make decisions. Choosing to actively, intentionally live your life is one of the best things you can do to live a fulfilling life.

Traveling gives you ample opportunities to spend your days intentionally, rather than being a passive drifter. Also, when you succeed in making small decisions, it can help you build the confidence to make bigger decisions in your life.

If you travel solo, you can take time for self-discovery, which is an important part of discovering what you want in your life. You can take a journal with you, or this free workbook on how to find your passion, and spend some time reflecting on your life.

Traveling alone can give you the time and space to think about, who you most want to be without your typical outside influences.

When you travel solo, you can shed the act you normally put on and truly be yourself, which will help you figure out what really matters to you.

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guest with gorillas

These are just a few ways travel can end up changing your life in a very big way. With enough drive and a bit of courage, anyone can turn their travel into more rewarding experiences.

Maybe everything just seems more beautiful when you are on vacation? No, there really just is beauty all over the world. From the sunsets to the sunrises, to the happiness that you feel and encounter.

True beauty is waiting for you when you travel. You can try to capture the most beautiful moments of your travel on film, but you’ll always be able to close your eyes and remember what it was like to experience those moments.

“I wish I had traveled less,” said no one ever. What travel experience have you had that you know have made your life more complete? If you haven’t had any, feel free to contact us, and surely, you will have no regrets.

If there is anything to worry you, take the risk, and for sure it will be worth it. That is what life is all about.


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