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Safari in Uganda Guide Before Travel

Africa is really a big Green continent and I will focus basically on Uganda.

1) Start About a Year in Advance
You will want to start planning an African safari early for several reasons.

First, you will be surprised with just how much you are going to have to sort through just in information alone. Like I mentioned above, “Africa” is kinda a big place. Googling “African Safari” doesn”t really narrow anything down in the slightest.
Second, people often find the best deals (price, lodging, etc) when planning in advance.

2) Determine What EXACT African Safari Budget
I could not believe the wide array of safari options. It ranged from top-notch luxury to DIY (Camping). Before even picking a location, I needed to know what kind of money we were all willing to spend overall.

How much is a safari trip to Africa?

Luxury Safaris
Some of the luxury resorts cost you just a mere $2000. Oh, you thought that was for the trip? No. PER. NIGHT.

Many have personal plunge pools, butlers and giant jacuzzis which are prepped and steaming for you as you come in from a drive. However, if you have that kind of money, you might as well just go through an agency and have them plan the whole trip for you to save you the time and hassle….and the wine. And Here I can recommend Inspire African Safaris.

You would be surprised with how many people want pampering on their wildlife adventure. The reality is, for most people, this is a once in a life-time trip so they are going to do it up right! Many people don”t include other stops, cities or sites and just do a safari so they are willing to spend more on the actual safari itself. #YOLO! (Is that still a saying??) But Truth is the best African Safari experience is really going Low to experience the real Life of Africans, Having a Safari with the Same liffe as you Live home does not really combat you for the best Safari memories.

Middle Ground
Most middle ground safari’s have everything that you NEED but maybe not a lot more. These trips can still be pricey for some but if you do enough digging, you can find one that works well for you and is still completely reasonably priced for what you get. Many of these types of lodges offer you selections on your package, which can make your trip cheaper as well, and when you check this website, There are safaris with prices on Middle ground which I recommend

Options might include:

*Transportation to and from the lodge
*In-house catering or self-catering
*Number of day”s nights
*Flexibility on start and end days
*Number of game drives per day
Knowing what you are willing to pay will make it much easier to quickly see the pros and cons of each option so that you can personally design the safari to meet your financial needs.

3) Narrow Down a Country
As stated before googling “Where to Go on an African Safari” is just going to send you down a dizzying rabbit hole of endless hours of research. However, getting it narrowed down and searching for something like “Best safari in Uganda” is going to get you answers a lot faster.

But HOW do you decide which country to go on for a safari???

Know Your African Seasons/ When Is The Best Time to Travel to Africa for Safari
You don’t want to be on your trip of a life-time and be stuck inside every day because of pouring rain. On the other hand, some people prefer not to be in the blazing, sweltering sun. Therefore, know when rainy season, summer, high tourist seasons etc are so that you can choose a different country if need be.

Remember, Africa is a HUGE continent, so these seasons will vary. One way to help narrow down your country is if you have specific dates already in mind, then you can start to cross off a few countries that the local season wouldn’t be ideal for safaris.

Game Viewing
Unless you are going specifically for something like The Great Migration, you can get a lot of the same game viewing in most places. Sure, some may have more lions than elephants, but chances are good that you may see them both regardless.

By Determining Other Trip Destinations
Finally, figure out if you want to do something else on your Africa trip besides just a Safari. If you want to go get washed down in Victoria Falls, Gorilla tracking, drink wine near Capetown or climb Kilimanjaro, Rwenzori then those specific places may determine what country you end up with.

4) Get Excited
You are about to go on a trip of a lifetime! Get an extra-large camera card, iphone, and Strong Binoculars for all the BAJILLION pictures you are about to take, buy some sunscreen and get excited to do something you have always dreamed of!!!

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