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10 Amazing Facts About Hyenas

Hyena are one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated species in the animal kingdom. Read 10 amazing facts about spotted hyena from our in-house expert, a.k.a “hyena man”, Axel Hunnicutt. Axel is currently leading the Mun-Ya-Wana Spotted Hyena Project in South Africa, is a member of the IUCN Hyaena Specialist Group, and is working towards his PhD on the…

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Hyenas in the Pearl of Africa

Hyenas The Carnivorous Animals Hyenas are carnivorous animals and also the fifth-smallest biological family in the Carnivora, and one of the smallest in the class Mammalia. Despite their low diversity, hyenas are unique and vital components of most African eco-systems. Hyenas are also believed to have come from Asia They catch prey with their teeth rather than claws, their…

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