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Monkey Eating Habits in Uganda

Monkey Eating Habits The feeding habits of Monkeys are very interesting. What they will consume depends on the species. However, there are many common elements that they all seem to follow along. Such patterns of behavior are the result of their physical needs, mental abilities, and the habitat that they happen to live in. For most Monkeys fruit is…

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11 Fascinating Facts About Monkeys

Monkeys are primates found primarily in tropical rainforests. Most monkeys are arboreal, though some, like macaques and baboons, are terrestrial. New World monkeys, like spider monkeys, tamarins, and capuchins, are found in Mexico and South and Central America, while Old World monkeys, including baboons, gelada, and colobus, are found in Asia and Africa. Many species of monkeys are endangered….

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Common Primates found in Uganda

Baboons Papio Anubis One of the most adaptable of the ground dwelling primates that feed on primarily grass, seeds, leaves, roots and fruits. The most common ones are the Olive baboons usually found in the savannah and forested areas. These long and pointed muzzled monkeys sleep, travel, feed and socialize together in groups of 50+ individuals (Males and twice…

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