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Why consider Uganda as your next travel destination

There are ten (10) outstanding reasons why someone would consider Uganda as a number one choice for their next travel destination.

Unlike any other travel destination on the African Continent, it is the Pearl of Africa, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Its diverse and stunning landscapes in take in Africa’s tallest mountain range, the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains of the moon, the vastness of Africa’s largest fresh water lake, Lake Victoria, with its hidden tropical Ssese Islands keep you longing for more of its cool breeze and it is at this very point where the ancient River Nile begins its journey through the country to the Mediterranean Sea.

Looking at the abundant wild life such as Chimpanzees, Gorillas, the famous Big-5 found in the Savannah parks and 1600+ species of rare birds makes you believe that a choice to this place is a perfect one with no regrets. The great mountain gorilla sanctuary engraved in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park contends for Africa’s best destination for wild game drives and its named the third best savannah park in all of Africa. Not forgetting the Murchison Falls National Park having the strongest falls in the world called Murchison falls.

Indeed! Uganda is Africa, as you imagined it, only better. and its in Uganda where you can still find the Africa that Karen Blixen described, the Africa that Ernest Hemmingway had us dream about.

Having said all that, let us hit to the ten outstanding reasons as to why Uganda would be considered as your next travel destination.

1.Mountain Gorilla Tracking

The Pearl of Africa is the premier destination for those that seek to have a personal encounter with the gentle giants of the forest. Half of the endangered Mountain Gorillas are found in Uganda being tracked in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of which its on most African Traveler’s bucket list.

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gorilla trekking

It is in Uganda where you can have that once-in-a-lifetime visit with the rare Mountain Gorillas. They are not found in any zoo, but only in the wild that is East and Central Africa. The mountain gorillas are one of the main reasons visitors everywhere come to Africa’s heart, its Pearl, Uganda.

It is here where you can have your own personal “Gorillas in the Mist” experience, which is one hour in the presence of a gorilla family, one of our closest great ape relatives. Besides, you can even spend more time with gorillas on the all-day Habituation Experience.

Surely, an encounter with these gentle giants would be worth Uganda being considered as your next travel destination

2. Chimpanzee Tracking

Primate lovers can have a great Safari day in Uganda. The country is a home for 5,000 chimpanzees, the most in all of East Africa. Kibale Forest National Park is considered the premier chimpanzee tracking destination.

Trekking here takes nowhere the effort that gorilla trekking does. The chimpanzee’s sightings while trekking is not hit and miss, but almost a sure thing every time.

chimpanzee nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Chimpanzee Tracking

You trek through the rainforest in Kibale Forest National Park, led by rangers searching for our closest cousins whose DNA-98..9% like ours. On the trail, you might see red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus, a myriad of tropical birds and butter flies.

Long before you see the chimpanzees, you will hear their screeches echoing through the forest. A troop of chimpanzees all around you is an awesome sight, nothing resembling visiting them in a zoo.

However, there are four other places where you can track them in the wild such as Kalinzu Forest near Queen Elizabeth Park. In the Kyamburu Gorge in Queen Elizabeth Park, Budongo Forest near Murchison Falls Park and Semiliki National Park.

Definitely, for the best chimpanzee encounters in East Africa, Uganda is your number one choice.

3. Awesome Wild life encounters, The Big 5

Uganda is more than primates. It is a home to the Big-5, that is; Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Leopards and Rhinos all of which are seen through the fun time interesting game drives and to some wishing the aerial view opting for the hot air balloons.

Tree climbing lions nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

One of the big – 5, the tree climbing lions

Encounter the tree climbing lions in the fig trees of Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park, oh! how amusing, the largest number of Nubian(Rothschild) Giraffes in Murchison  Falls National Park. The growing number of elephants in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison and Kidepo Valley parks.

wildlife animals nbsp» Inspire African Safaris


Numerous leopards that can be spotted on a nocturnal or track rhinos on foot. The enormous crocodiles that can be viewed along the River Nile in Murchison falls and the high concentration of Hippos along the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park during the various boat cruises.

Sincerely, a Safari in Uganda means more than primates but also very true to the big-5 as well as a travel destination not to be missed.

4.Stunning Scenery

Uganda has truly been gifted by nature. It is unlike any other travel destination in Africa. No wonder that Winston Churchill, a seasoned traveler wrote in 1908,”The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale, the landscape is different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa.”

It is one kind of a country jam-packed with breathe taking scenery, natural wonders that will amaze you actually Bwindi impenetrable forest was named the most beautiful place in the world by CNN-travel while Mgahinga was named the third must world photography place.

beautiful scenery nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

stunning scenery

An eye catching evergreen landscape with scenery befitting any coffee table picture book. Scenes such as gorilla highlands of southwest Uganda with its terraced hillsides are a sight to behold. The Virunga volcanoes in the southwest still, Mountain Elgon in the will delight you. Taking a savannah game drive in the shadows of the snowcapped Rwenzori mountains of the moon can not be replicated else where.

Really why just sit back and hear stories, allow your eyes to see and your mind to store the beautiful scenery of the Pearl that wont be found any where in Africa.

5. Top Birding Destination

Uganda is one of Africa’s favorite and richest Birding destinations, with well over 1,600 plus species of birds recorded.

1,600+ bird species can be found across many habitats from forests, swamps, lakes, savannahs to cultivated lands. There are native to regions. Seasonal migrating birds such as the lesser flamingoes that can be seen in the country.

crested crane nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

crested crane

Even those that are not into bird watching will enjoy the feathered creatures that you see here. You will most likely come across the gray crowned crane, called the Crested crane in Uganda. It  is the national bird of Uganda and is found on the National flag and just like the national football team its also called cranes.

You will definitely come across the marabou stork, which is seen almost everywhere in Uganda and we call it the unofficial bird of Uganda, not forgetting the most sought after bird in Africa, the Shoebill Stork.

Believe it or not, Uganda is the best birding destinations in Africa.

6. Authentic Cultural Encounters

The rich and diverse Ugandan culture keeps you dazzled and wish you were a Ugandan. Cultural traditions handed down from generation to generation , not in books but underneath the village elders’ mango trees. The legends and ways of old shared again in proverbs, legends, tales and stories keep them alive in the hearts of the young.

Cultural Dance nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

cultural dance with tourist

All these when passed to the younger generations, they are kept in their hearts and minds and that’s why on there sight to the beautiful travelers the over joy filled in their hearts and history recalled brings them to sing and dance entertaining those in Churchill’s footsteps as travelers. Alas! very entertaining. All this makes up the culture of Uganda hence people calling it authentic Africa.

Thousands of visitors per year come each to visit Uganda, most of them miss the rich cultural diversity of the Ugandan people something to be experienced during your visit to the pearl of Africa, because once encountered you will forever wish to interact with a cultural life since its very interesting and entertaining.

7. Climbing the Peaks-hitting the trails

Uganda is much more than Primates and wildlife but a hiking and climbing destination that beyond the wildest dreams of those that want to hit the trails and climb the peaks found in the Pearl of Africa.

Rwenzori hiking nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

Rwenzori hiking

There are the Rwenzori ranges where you can not climb the peaks of the tallest mountain ranges in Africa but hike in the foothills. A mountain range that is taller than the Alps of Europe and where you can climb for a lot less the third highest peak n Africa Mount Magherita.

Can you believe Bwindi was named on CNN travels as best hiking trails in the world list. Take one of the countless trails and around the gentle giants of the forest. Every national park has trails that will delight seasonal hikers that want to hit the trails in Africa and not forgetting but wishing for a hike to the Sipi Falls.

8. Uganda has the best weather and climate in East Africa

The Pearl of Africa is unlike any other East African country, why, because the ever green African country can boat holiday weather all year long since even during the rainy seasons. The sun comes out each day.

Though the equator runs through the country due to its elevation, lake Victoria and its effects on the weather, milder climate, conditions prevail making it a perfect holiday destination.

sun down view nbsp» Inspire African Safaris

sun down view

Warm but rarely too hot, the temperatures do not fluctuate but are consistent through out the year. Considering the sandy beaches of the tropical Ssese islands- Uganda is a great weather safari destination as more and more are finding out.

Simple secret which is gorilla tracking would be best done in the dry seasons, however you can save a lot of money during the off season when luxury lodges discount their rates and we pass on to you.

It is always a perfect holiday weather all year long in Uganda.

9. Affordability

Uganda is one of the most affordable country in East Africa especially a primate safari. Affordability is an important factor especially when it comes to a safari that includes gorilla tracking.

Uganda is the only country that offers safe, affordable mountain gorilla tracking safaris without compromising the quality of experience. Infarct, a gorilla safari in Uganda will cost you half the price that it costs in neighboring Rwanda. Permits alone there are 1,500$ while here in Uganda they are 700$. And that is the reason why Uganda has become the Premier mountain gorilla tracking destination in Africa.

If you use a Ugandan tour operator such as ourselves, you cut out the middle man for there is no go between and you save even more making it a perfect travel place for you.

10. Safer safari experience despite the pandemic(COVID 19)

As we all know 2020 was a year that the world stood still. The harsh winds of the covid 19 pandemic swept around the world. Activities including travelling came to a screeching halt. Most of us lived under the shadows of one lock down to another, many of us severe cases of cabin fever which only will be cured as we travel again.

Most of us being vaccinated, we are starting to dream again of an encounter with the forest s gentle giants, despite the fact that we never had the full assault of the virus here in Uganda.

But after different measures and precautions that have been put up to date tourism did resume here i Uganda and it is very safe where our tourists are looked after properly and there dream of having memorable experiences is fulfilled under different standard operating procedures and guide lines as set by the ministry of health and the world health organization.

Nothing to worry about and nothing to fear because we keep you safe with the covid 19 protocols, hence Uganda should indeed be on your bucket list for the next travel destination.

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