Banda Island

Kasenyi Landing Site

Kasenyi is a busy trading centre and landing site. It is located 8 Km before Entebbe, off Abaita Ababiri. (0°03’15.4″N 32°31’07.1″E, 0.054279, 32.518631).

 Kasenyi Satellite

Branch on Kampala-Entebbe road after hobbling over a whole array of yellow white painted speed bumps in the trading centre Abaita Ababiri (8 km before Entebbe). The signpost for Kasenyi disappeared, but there is still a sign for Jehova’s Kingdom Hall of Witness and recently Eco Resort put up a sign:

 2017-03-17 12.59.34
 Follow the dirt road for like 10 minutes and branch left here:

After a few minutes you enter the gate to the Kasenyi Landing Site. You can park the car at the police station (after the gate turn right). I have not heard bad reviews of cars parked there. The usual fee is 10,000 for the weekend.

You can get a drink at one of the stalls, some fried fish (very nice!) or a rolex from the guys at the gate. There is also a reasonably ok toilet next to the police station. For a few 100 Shilling you are even given some toilet paper.

Enjoy Kasenyi!!

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