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Buffaloes in Uganda are large herbivorous mammals that belong to the Bovidea family. They are known for their distinctive appearance which includes a massive body, four legs and often curved horns. Buffaloes in Uganda hold a significant place in the country’s rich biodiversity.


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In Uganda, there are two main species of buffaloes, namely;

African Buffalo[Syncerus caffer]:

  • African buffaloes are also known as Cape buffaloes.
  • They are the most common buffalo species in Uganda.
  • They are large and powerful with shoulder height of 1.5m and a body weight of 500kg
  • These buffaloes form herds, which range from few individuals to hundreds.

Forest buffaloes[syncerus c. nanus]:

  • The forest buffalo is a smaller and more exclusive species found in some parts of Uganda, particularly in forested regions.
  • They are generally smaller than African buffaloes with a shoulder height of 1 meter and a weight of 250 kg.
  • Unlike African buffaloes, their horns are not as pronounced and don’t have the distinct bosses.
  • They tend to be more solitary or live in small groups.

Habitat; Buffaloes in Uganda inhabit a range of Ecosystems from savannahs and grasslands to wetlands and riverine areas. For example, in Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo valley and lake Mburo national parks.buffalo

Social structure; They form and live in herds, consisting of several dozen to several hundred individuals.

Ecological role; They are important grazers, shaping the vegetation and providing food for predators hence playing a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance in Uganda.

Conservation; Uganda has made more efforts to conserve buffalo populations by protecting there habitats and implementing anti-poaching measures. These efforts are essential for the conservation of this species.

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Tourism; Buffaloes are a popular attraction for people visiting Uganda’s national parks. They are an iconic part of Uganda’s rich biodiversity and are integral to the tourism industry.

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