gorillas in ug

Gorilla Tracking Experience

Gorilla Tracking Experience is one that involves hiking through the dense forest in search of wild gorillas. The activity includes walking through steep hills, dense forest, mud-filled pathways, and water streams before finally encountering a gorilla family.

There is no doubt that gorilla tracking is an exciting experience. Most done in Uganda.Why? Because, Uganda leads the gorilla conservation, and protects more than half of the last population of these gentle giants.

Gorilla in Uganda

The experience is achieved by trekking through Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda and its neighboring Mgahinga National Park.

Thousands of tourists travel to Uganda each year to spend a heart-throbbing hour sitting quietly in the misty impenetrable jungles with a troop of human-habituated forest giants as they do their thing, munching, grooming and dozing. The quiet authority of the 180 kg silver back, the maternal anxieties of the females, and the boisterous boundary-pushing of the adolescents all appear uncannily human as you admire the creatures’ connection with the natural world. The experience feels more profound than mere wildlife watching in the back of a four-by-four safari truck.

Expectations during the gorilla tracking Experience

Maximum number of people

A maximum number of 8 people visits each gorilla family. This is to minimize the noise,and also minimize the human behavioral disturbance to these primates.

inspire african safaris group tours safari afrika
inspire african safaris group tours safari afrika

Also the number of tourists interested in the activity is large, so this helps prevent over crowding and keep the exercise organized. Hence, early booking is required in advance so that you do not miss out on the slots. Inspire African Safaris is always ready 24/7 to help you acquire the permits earlier.

Briefing Session

The experience is to start at 7:00am. The activity can be very challenging and strenuous leaving one exhausted. It starts with a briefing at the pack headquarters about the rules and regulations of trekking the gorillas. From there, you are divided into a group of 8 members in each group who then enter into the jungle to start off the trekking. Once you get these primates, you are given ample time to relax with them, take photos and then have fun.

Below are some of the rules and the regulations of trekking the mountain gorillas.

  •  Avoid mimicking the mountain gorillas while next to them.
  • Avoid feeding the mountain gorillas.
  • You should not put on the flash of the camera while taking the photos of the gorillas. This is because this scares them and hence end up getting angry and aggressive.
  • Avoid throwing rubbish in the trekking area for the gorillas.
  • Avoid coming next to the mountain gorillas because you might cause them a cold in case you have. These animals can quickly be attacked by diseases.
  • You must keep a distance of over 7 meters far away from the mountain gorillas.
  • Avoid overcrowding when you come next to the gorillas.
  • Avoid making noise when you reach these gorillas. This is because this might make them angry and so aggressive hence making them to attack you.

An hour with the gorillas

It is one hour because gorillas are vulnerable to human diseases, therefore the more time visitors spend with the gorillas, the more chances of humans spreading diseases.

The rest of the time is for the gorillas to relax and keep on with their activities.

gorillas in ug
gorillas in ug

Gorilla watching guarantee

Nature is nature, so it is not so much guaranteed, however the chance of seeing the mountain gorillas is 99%.

There is so much to witness during this safari. Rather better to book the gorilla safari more so with the Inspire African Safaris team so that all the unsaid is unveiled.

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