Is Rwanda Worth Visiting 2024?

Nothing brings that inspiration about gorillas like a Rwanda safari. A visit to Rwanda comes with plenty of opportunities including setting foot into where the late Dian Fossey began her study about gorillas and strongly advocated for their protection.

Rwanda covers a small area of about 26,, and is lying a few degrees south of the Equator crossing. Bordering Rwanda are East African countries including Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It is a beautiful and peaceful country, making it a preferred destination not only for safaris but also for MICE and business trips.

Mountain gorillas

Rwanda is one location where mountain gorillas live and undoubtedly the major reason why it is a premier African safari destination. These are rare species and survive only in the 3 countries –Rwanda, Uganda and D.R. Congo. Visiting Rwanda for gorilla trekking is remarkably a lifetime opportunity to enjoy up close and personal with the massive silverbacks and their family members. What is essential for any trekker is obtaining a valid gorilla permit, each costing USD 1500 per person.

Big five destination

With only 4 parks available for exploration, Rwanda also offers visitors a chance to explore all the big five game members on a single trip and in one destination. All the big 5 game thrive in Akagera National Park in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. This is possible on a guided game drive in the morning or afternoon. In addition, there are lots of other savanna species and aquatic species to be spotted on Rwanda wildlife safari.

Primate tracking

Aside from the thrilling mountain gorilla trekking adventures, Rwanda also has plenty of other primate experiences worth trying. They include chimpanzee tracking in Gishwati-Mukura National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park; golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park and colobus monkey tracking in Nyungwe Forest.

Enjoy great coffee and tea

Grown and harvested from Rwandan fertile soils, coffee forms one of the main export products in the republic of Rwanda. A cup of coffee at the restaurant, lodge or hotel on Rwanda safari is the great deal for you to experience how uniquely the country’s coffee tastes. While on a chimpanzee tracking safari in Nyungwe, there is a chance to have real experience about coffee growing and even have a taste of it on a guided coffee tour in Gisakura tea plantation.

Ranked the cleanest country

Rwanda has positioned itself as not only as one of the safest destinations but also as a cleanest nation. While in Rwanda, throwing plastic bags or used bottled of water/sodas is highly prohibited. The plastic bag ban was effective since 2006 and also, introduction of the obligatory community service have played a great role. On the last Saturday of every month, there is community participation in cleaning areas.

Unique arts and crafts

Besides gorilla safaris, Rwanda also presents distinct art and craft. This can be witnessed in the Imigongo cow dung art, the country’s most popular traditional artwork, weaving, ceramics, paintings, and carvings.

Best weather

Rwanda enjoys the finest weather conditions throughout the year making it a preferred destination. Each year, the country records 2 phases of dry season with the first phase usually experienced from June, July, August, September while the 2nd phase runs from December, January to February.

Fresh water beaches

Leave alone the extensive beaches you have encountered along the coastline, in Rwanda, you have different experience in the finest beaches along the scenic Lake Kivu shores. The beach experience here comes with refreshing cool breeze from the lake, sunset views and plenty of exciting experiences to enjoy including boat rides, fishing, kayaking and more.

Distinct cultures and traditions

The Rwandan people are known for being hospitable and warm welcoming. They are among the friendliest people you should expect to meet on Rwanda safari. On a cultural safari in Iby’Iwacu Village or nearby communities in Akagera, there is a chance to explore different cultures and traditions of Rwandan people. Besides, you get entertained from the great traditional dances and music performance.

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