lake Kivu


Lake Kivu in Rwanda is one of the African great lakes, located on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This crater lake is located in the Albertine rift region and is among the largest lakes in East Africa.

lake Kivu

lake Kivu

Nestled in the heart of Rwanda, lake Kivu stands as a captivating natural destination that attracts tourists with its vibrant landscape. Visit lake Kivu in Rwanda for fantastic beach holidays where you will relax, rest and have life time experiences with Inspire African Safari

Kivu in Rwanda is a fresh water lake covering a total surface of 2730square kilometers and an elevation of 1463m above sea level.


The lake is so far the largest lake in Rwanda and 6th largest in the African continent at about 89 km long and 48km wide with a maximum depth of 480 meters although the average depth is 240m.

Lake Kivu has the 10th largest island in world and its called “Idjwl”. The lake’s outflow is river Ruziz which flows into lake Tanganyika, the second largest freshwater lake in the world.

It is a volcanic lake that has a chemical composition. This is because of ongoing volcanic activity underneath the lake bed. It is rich in dissolved methane and carbon dioxide gases that accumulate over time.

It has islands and is surrounded by hills and lush vegetation.  supports a variety of aquatic life such as fish species like tilapia, sardines and catfish. The lake does not have crocodiles.



The lake is one of the best birding spots in East Africa with over 200 species of birds. Such as osprey, pied kingfishers and white-breasted cormorants.

With scenic beauty, lush greenery and stunning landscapes, lake Kivu in Rwanda has become a magnet to visitors seeking for exciting adventures, natural beauty and cultural experiences.


  • Sport fishing; This is a recreational  way of fishing where the fish is caught and immediately returned to the water. This spot is also known as catch and release, and can be done by visitors on lake Kivu.
  • Kayaking; This an interesting adventure activity which is carried out on lake kivu. During kayaking, tourist use kayaks to sight scenic beauty of the lake and its surrounding.
  • Boat cruises; Visitors to the lake can have a boat ride on the lake where they will explore the villages located on the lake shores. For example, Kibuye, Gisenyi and Cyangugu.
  • Bird watching; Birding on lake Kivu is carried out during the boat cruise. The place is a birder’s paradise with over 200 species of birds such as the kingfisher.
  • Fishing; A visitor can participate and learn more about the fishing methods. The main economic activity on the lake is fishing since the lake has over 25 recorded species of fish. Locals use traditional dugout canoes for fishing.
  • Hiking; Visitors can hike and have nature walks in the hills and forests near the lake. You can hike on the Congo-Nile trail or have a nature walk in the coffee farms found near the lake.



  • Swimming; The waters are safe for swimming. This is because it is a freshwater lake with no crocodiles and hippo. Visitors can swim and later relax on the shores of the lake.

Lake Kivu, with its harmonious blend of nature and unique characteristics, stands as a must-visit destination. For those seeking for a memorable experience in the heart of Rwanda, book your tours with Inspire African Safari

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