Lemala Wildwaters Lodge

This spectacular lodge is situated next to the powerful streams of the River Nile in Uganda. It’s a unique private property within six hectares of Kalagala Island. Your adventure will start from Jinja, where you will take a boat ride to reach Lemala Wildwaters Lodge. That’s the only way to reach this unique place. The direct consequence of not having roads leading here is the untouched environment with no artificial noises to disturb your stay. Instead, you will listen to the beautiful sounds of the roaring rapids around you.

There are ten stand-alone wooden huts perched on granite rocks. They are encircled by the lush jungle and have panoramic views of the river. Each of them is connected by elevated wooden paths to the main building, where you’ll find the restaurant, a bar, and a library. Inside the huts, furniture is handmade, and each of them is equipped with rainfall showers. There are secluded wooden decks with free-standing open-air bathtubs overlooking the pristine nature. If this wasn’t a unique enough experience, the lodge offers sunrise breakfasts and candle-lit three-course dinners next to the pool that’s carved out of pink granite rocks. A single natural rocky wall separates this swimming pool from the wild streams of the River Nile. The view is mesmerizing during the day, and at night when the stars light up the sky… Words can’t describe, so you should scroll down to see the photos.BBC

Location next to a wild river can mean just one thing; white-water rafting! The Nile is the perfect place for such adventures with its warm waters and tropical scenery. However, you can try stand-up paddleboard tours on the calm waters for a less adrenalin-pumping option.

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