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Nature is Nature

Nature is Nature, describes the naturally occurring things on this planet. Nature is the animals, plants, water sources and products of the earth that are not made by man. A wise man once said,”Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, it’s the only home we’ve ever known.”

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The richness you achieve comes from Nature, the source of anyone’s inspiration. Tranquility, serenity, and beauty of nature will always teach you how to find happiness in life and in the silence of eternity. However, this kind of peace is found through traveling.

As the earth keeps revolving daily, so is nature, it varies with the different geographical locations of the countries. Take a look at Uganda, its location makes it to be considered the Pearl Of Africa. Only words can not justify the statement, but your eyes only can witness the beauty that comes with it.

Nature in Uganda

It is true that Uganda is also known as the Pearl Of Africa. Why? Because the sheer variety of plant and animal species found throughout the nation is incredible.

Uganda hosts the Big Five which consists of the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopard. The Big Five was a term coined by hunters to encompass the most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt.

Uganda is home to approximately 500 mammal species and houses more than half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. Visiting these gentle giants in their natural habitat has become a major tourist attraction.


Uganda is perhaps best known for its mountain gorilla populations which draw tourists from around the world annually. Gorillas are generally gentle and shy, living in groups of between 2-40 individuals.

Due to Uganda’s unique geographical location where eastern, western, northern and southern ranges merge, it has become an incredible bird watching paradise. Many believe that Uganda is the richest African birding destination as the country hosts almost half of the total bird population found in Africa. . Many of the birds in Uganda are impossible to find anywhere else.

Nature is nature

This is a description that many people will use especially during a game drive. Often times we travel with an aim to see particular animals in the wild, but some times lack could be not on your side and that day, things all fall apart.


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