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Tree Climbing Lions

Uganda has a variety of unique and rare species of wildlife, but there is nothing comparable to the uniqueness of the tree climbing lions. Tree climbing lions are a strange idea and even a stranger sight to behold, and yet many  safaris blogs talk about them. These amazing cat exist in only a few African countries such South Africa, Tanzania,…

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Tree climbing lions

  Tree climbing lions. Why they climb & where to see them. The lion is probably the most feared and respected of all African wild animals. This is because it is a super predator that is capable of hunting most of the savannah wildlife for food. Tree climbing lions are probably one of the least understood of the big…

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20 Unmissable Attractions in Uganda

20 Unmissable Attractions in Uganda From mountains to national parks, hot springs, crater lakes, and everything in between, we’ve rounded up 20 attractions you should definitely check out while in Uganda. Rwenzori Mountains This beautiful snow-capped range of mountains is mountaineering destination. Its unique flora gives travelers a semblance of a fairy tale hiking scene. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park…

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