Tigers in Uganda at the Entebbe Zoo

BREAKING NEWS!! The lion is no longer the biggest cat in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. The Tiger is!

Uganda has received a pair of tigers, a female/tigress and a male/tiger, that will call Uganda Wildlife Education Center (Entebbe Zoo) their home. The tigers were got from South Africa and were traded for 25 Ugandan monkeys.

The tigers are of the Bengal tiger species, and they are stunning with their brown color and white color coats. The brown is the female while the white is the male

Uganda Wildlife Education Center continues to shine after it was recently named the best zoo in central and east Africa, and now it is the only place to have tigers in East Africa. The zoo has over 350 species of wildlife, with over 20 cats which now include the two tigers. Some of the other big cats at the zoo include lions, hyenas, leopard, and cheetah.

The tigers were brought in at a perfect time after covid 19 pandemic lockdown which greatly affected the zoo’s finances because it was not receiving any visitors and thus no money to care for the animals. Hundreds of people are now streaming into the zoo on a daily to catch a glimpse of these stunning animals that have overtaken the lions as the biggest cats in the land.

Unlike lions which can be found in the savannah parks in Uganda (Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, and Queen Elizabeth) and Africa at large, the tigers are not native to the African continent and can be found only in zoos such as the Uganda Wildlife Education Center. Tigers are native to Asia.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center or Entebbe Zoo is one of the top places to visit in Entebbe.

Visit the Entebbe Zoo and watch the tigers in their own fenced enclosure, plus see other wildlife in their enclosures as you walk through the zoo.

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