Where to see Giraffes in Uganda

Am sure you still confused about where to find giraffes in Uganda which on Uganda wildlife safari. Giraffes with their beautiful skin and marvelous height are one of the wildlife species in Uganda. In Uganda, the specie found in the country is the Nubian Giraffe formerly known as the Rothschild giraffe and one of the most endangered giraffe species. BBC

Giraffes are such amazing creatures with its swaying gait coming in as a result of it moving both right legs simultaneously followed by both left legs. Its favorite food is the hideously spiky acacia which it strips of leaves using its long dark purple tongue. Though its neck is very long, it contains just seven vertebrae just as a human being. A newborn giraffe stands at six feet (2m) tall.

In Uganda, giraffes are found in Murchison Falls National Park ,Lake Mburo National Park,Kidepo National Park , and the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.

Murchison Falls National Park Giraffes in Uganda

In Murchison Falls National Park it is estimated that over 1500 giraffes are found in the park. In the southern bank where giraffes were introduced for the first time in 2016 with an initial seed population of 18 giraffes has 45 giraffes.

Giraffes can be spotted easily during any kind of game drive be it morning or evening while on a tour at Murchison Falls National Park.

Giraffes in Uganda’s Lake Mburo National Park

Initially, the park was known to have giraffes hundreds of years ago but they disappeared due to illegal hunting and disease. In July 2015, 15 giraffes were re-introduced into the landscape for ecological and ecotourism reasons from Murchison Falls National Park. After the birth of at least seven calves, the giraffe population is now estimated at 22.

This reintroduction of giraffes at Lake Mburo National Park was a bold venture by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to expand the range of the endangered Nubian giraffe. Giraffe Conservation Fund is supporting the Uganda Wildlife Authority and a local conservation group to regularly monitor the giraffe population and work with local communities to make giraffes play an important role in the park again.

Though poaching is a general minimum now, the giraffe population will be under pressure from expanding human populations surrounding the park and increasing demand for land.

Kidepo Valley National Park – Giraffes in Uganda

With the civil unrest in neighboring South Sudan in the 1990s the giraffe population in Kidepo Valley National Park was reduced to 3 after illegal poaching. In 2018 after the Giraffe Conservation Fund carried out a census with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, giraffes in Kidepo Valley National Park increased to 36 individuals.

To provide a boost for the populations’ viability, an additional 14 giraffes (13 females and one male) were translocated to the park in August 2018 from Murchison Falls National Park. On a game drive safari in Uganda’s Kidepo giraffes can easily be spotted in the morning or evening game drive.

Giraffes in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve – Uganda wildlife safari

15 giraffes were translocated to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve in October 2019. The population here thrives in a very beautiful wilderness which is most less visited but host to great wildlife species.

Giraffes are only one of the Uganda wildlife safari adventure that can be spotted during safaris. There are very many other animals including the Big five that can be seen during Uganda wildlife safaris in the same national parks or in other parks.

Other top Uganda safari  activities include the gorilla safaris in Uganda, hiking, birding, white water rafting, and cultural tours. These can be tailored into the tour with visits to parks that inhabit giraffes in Uganda.

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