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Why book your gorilla trek with us?

  1. We’ve done the treks ourselves many times It has been many years since we first hiked our way through the Ugandan forests in search for the gorillas, but we’ve been back many times since and still return every year.
  2. We help hundreds of travellers explore Uganda every year Our team has decades of experience working in Uganda and East Africa more generally. This depth of experience means not only can we answer all of your questions, we also know the questions you might not think to ask!
  3. There’s more than one way to explore Uganda, Everyone is different and it’s important that your experience matches your personality, interests, and travel preferences. There are so many ways to explore Uganda, and we love to get creative when designing itineraries. Our job is to find an adventure that matches your dreams, budget, and appetite for adventure. 
  4. We work with a small number of carefully selected local partners, A big part of what we do is search for the very best local partners across the country. This means we can match your requirements to a network of ground handlers that are right for you. Plus, because we work directly with trusted partners in Uganda, your money goes to the local community.
  5. We’re committed to sustainabilityPart of what makes Uganda so enthralling is its bio-diversity and natural beauty. Brilliant’s values are rooted in sustainability and driving positive effects from tourism, whilst doing all we can to mitigate against any negative externalities we create. BBC
  6. Inspire Afican Safaris offers many different tour packages such as Gorilla & Chimpanzee Tracking,Nature walks, wildlife safaris, hiking safaris 

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