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Why is Uganda Called the Pearl of Africa

Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa because of the abundant biodiversity, color, profusion, brilliant life and its serene beauty. The country has got a variety of things to offer intact everything you might need in the travel world is mist likely to be in Uganda. BBC

Uganda the pearl of Africa

Why is Uganda called the pearl of Africa?, this is a phrase which was used by Sir Winston Churchill after his visit to Uganda and saw how beautiful it is.

Why is Uganda Called the Pearl of Africa? – The commonly asked questions about Uganda by many visitors visiting the country. When you read this article, it will give an insight or full understanding of the country Uganda. the common questions asked are; Why is Uganda being refereed to as the pearl of Africa? Who first named Uganda as the pearl of Africa? Among others. Find the answers below.

The term Uganda is literally referred to one of the Countries in Africa, Uganda is located in East Africa- the country is referred to the pearl of Africa due to number of factors. when the famous explorer Winston Churchill visited Uganda, he made Uganda famous and referred the country as a fairy tale, with unique environmental attributes and the moderate climate due to the country’s nearness to equator, color, hospitality of the people among others. Puts Uganda a above all the countries in Africa.

During the 1907 Winston Churchill had a trip in Uganda when he discovered that Uganda offers a lot more beyond once imagination. In 1908, he wrote a book entitled ‘’my African journey’’ referring to his trip in Uganda. There are no many wards to describe Uganda, the best thing to do, is to visit the country and you will clearly understand why Wiston Churchill referred Uganda to the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda is a unique country compared to other East African countries, when Wiston Churchill visited Uganda, what he discovered in Uganda, mesmerized him that even prompted him to write a book about he found Uganda.  in his famous quotes, he wrote “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life — bird, insect, reptile, beast — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa.’’

Why is Uganda called the Peal of Africa 

Uganda is referred to as the Pearl of Africa due to its biodiversity ranging from the number of tourist attractions, the people, the different cultures, the weather and climate among others, define the name as the ‘’Pearl of Africa’’. However, for other European explorers and discoverers that visited Uganda felt similar about Uganda just as Churchill described Uganda to be. Many people today in Uganda and in Africa, attribute the name ‘’Pearl of Africa’’ to Wiston Churchill description about what he discovered in Uganda, therefore, the other explorers in Uganda, spoke fascinating things about what they found too in Uganda and too referred the country indeed to be the Pearl of Africa.

Despite the fact that Wiston Churchill may not have been the first explorer to name Uganda the Pearl of Africa, but he is the one given most credit since he put Uganda in the world map when he wrote is famous book about Uganda,’’ My African Journey’’ these book popularized the country since any person can read about Uganda even without visiting the country. We also advise visitors to read the book before visiting the country so as to have an insight about Uganda before you visit the country.

There many explorers that came to Uganda year back before even Winston Churchill arrival in Uganda. they were so acquainted with the country due to its beauty, natural wonders, the people, the color and the climate among other unique features that can describe Uganda. and later when modern transportation came to existence, today, may tourists visit Uganda all year round thank you to the great deeds of Wiston Churchill that made Uganda one of the great countries In Africa that is a must Visit. Many tourists have visited Uganda and many have visited more than Twice in their life time, Uganda is in deed the ‘’Pearl of Africa’’.

In 1858, john Hanning Speke and Richard Burton ventured through the Buganda Kingdom and were so amazed by what they discovered, he was famed for being the first explorer to visit Lake Victoria and named it as the source of the Nile. He also discovered various things a bout the Buganda region, the local cultures, the way of life of people, he travelled much through the western safari circuit in Uganda and he was impressed by what he discovered in Uganda.

Later his journey while in Uganda, was popularized through the movie ‘’mountains of the moon’’, whereby his discovered where no believed until when it was proven Samuel Baker and Florence Baker when they visited Uganda. later John Hannington met his sudden death.

Henry Morton Stanley, was the earliest explorer to visit Uganda before Wiston Churchill and first referred Uganda to the ‘’Pearl of Africa’’. He ventured in to Uganda twice before the arrival of Winston Churchill and dic0vred a lot about Uganda.

Later Fredrick John D. Lugard, the British explorer that saved Uganda from the French and later was colonised by the British, also wrote, Henry Stanley was much amazed with what he found in Uganda and spoke a lot about the country and even referred it as the’’ Pearl of Africa’’ in 1893 than John Speke had been during his visit In Uganda.

Why is Uganda called the Peral of Africa? Defining the Pearl of Africa in the 21st Century 

Uganda in a unique country in its setting and gifted by nature compared to any other country in the whole of Africa. The country is Biodiverse nation in the world offering variety of tourist attractions, inform of natural features, the many traditional cultures, the climate and the weather of the country regulated by its nearness to the equator.

Listed below are some of the reasons why Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa.

Stunning scenery that continues to Amaze visitors to Uganda just as Wiston Churchill got amazed by Uganda.

Uganda lies along the East African plateau, it is a land-locked nation but as defined by Sir Winston Church Hill in 1958, “Gifted by Nature’’ from the beautiful scenery / landscapes, amazing animals, bird life, community and welcoming people really present it as the “Pearl of Africa,” making Uganda so famous as one of the great African safari tours.

The beautiful scenery of Uganda is special in that it contains green rolling hills, trees, waterfalls, streams, snow-capped mountains, rivers like the Nile River and large paths of the Savannah grasslands (National Parks). Visiting all these sceneries should take you to a range of attractions, the scenery is different compared to other places in Africa, for the people who have visited Uganda, truly have a lot to say about Uganda and would a agree with what is written here in this content.

Lonely planet calls Uganda as, Africa condensed in to one Country. And was the reason why lonely planet choosing Uganda as the ‘’best country to visit’’.  In 2012.

Also, CNN international, travel chose Bwindi Impenetrable forest in Uganda as one of the ‘’most Beautiful place in the world’’.

Uganda offers a wide range of attractions including, the Bunyonyi lake, the Rwenzori mountains (mountains of the moon), Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Uganda also is the base for the Nile river flowing to various countries in Africa, and pouring its waters up to the Mediterranean Sea. The Virunga volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla National park, just as Weston Churchill described Uganda in his words ‘’ The scenery id different”. Reason enough to refer Uganda to the Pearl of Africa. Come Visit Uganda you will fall in love with this Country.

The Uganda Weather is very Good

Another best reason as to why Uganda is referred the Pearl of Africa, is the best climate and the weather of the country. Uganda’s climate is different and serves as the best Holiday weather in the all of East Africa. Looking at the climate of the country, Wiston Churchill wrote, ‘’the climate is different…from all of Africa’’.

Uganda’s climate is excellent all year around and you can visit the country any time of the year. Due to the fact that the country is located on the equator the climate is conducive but also because of it Elevation, and the natural features, like the lake Victoria, the Virunga volcano, the Rwenzori mountains, as regulated the weather of the country thus making Uganda one of the best safari destination for your life time experience. Visit Uganda and enjoy the best climate in east Africa.

Uganda experiences two rainy seasons in the year, the short rains and the longer rainy season. The longer rains are received from March to May and through October to November and light rains are from November to December with average annual temperatures from 26 degrees Celicious.

Uganda is a very diverse country

Uganda is small and locked country but rich in biodiversity its among the top ten countries in the world when it comes to Biodiversity, Uganda is indeed gifted by nature. Uganda offers a variety of attractions to see. Ranging from the prolific wildlife distributed in different national parks, Uganda indeed is a home of not only the big five game, but the Big 7 wild game that is the elephants, Rhinos, Leopards, Buffalos, lions and the additional huge number of the mountain Gorillas and the Chimpanzee. There also others like the giant crocodiles, the Nile crocodiles, and over 1,160 different bird species, Uganda is a bird watching paradise. Also, the endangered Nubian Rothchild Giraffes, The tropical forest, the lush savannah vegetation, lakes and rivers, the rolling hills and many more. Visit Uganda and you will discover far beyond your imagination.

The Ugandan people are warm, friendly and very welcoming

Almost everything in Africa is different, the scenery, the weather and the climate among others and most especially the people, the hospitality of the people is different form else where in whole of Africa. Upon arrival at the airport, you will be welcomed by the happy and joyful people you meet at the airport.

Ugandan’s are some of the most welcoming and friendly people, they joy of receiving a visitor in one’s homes is clearly shown in their faces and mostly in the hearts of the people. The friendly welcoming of the visitors in Uganda, follows the tradition n]and the different cultures in Uganda where the host assumes full responsibility of the visitor, the visitor is given all the respect he derives from the time of his arrival and the departure from the home he visited.

Don’t warrior about language barrier while in Uganda, Uganda is one of the best English specking countries in Africa even Wiston chill noted that in his book. You will definitely feel at home while in Uganda because we got you covered.

A tropical paradise- Uganda fruits

Tourists from far and wide gracing Uganda’s lands have regularly complimented the fertile soils and fruit-friendly lands as their healthy living encounters have been top-notch across their land tour.

Uganda is really Africa’s Fruit Basket, more than 50 kinds of bananas, pineapples–that is simply the Best, Passion Fruit, Mangoes, Watermelons, Jackfruit, Papayas, Citrus Fruits, Star Fruits, Avocados and even Apples–Uganda is Africa’s Fruit Basket. Uganda is home to the finest avocados contained throughout the world, too. This is a big field in which their industry thrives in fruit growing as is the majority of the population. There also different kinds of bananas grown, Uganda is indeed the tropical fruit paradise

Depending on the time you visit the country, you will find fresh fruits, harvest time in Uganda is always done several times in unlike in many other countries.

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