Rhinos in mara

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino Saanctuary is the proud home of the only white rhinos in Uganda. Located in Nakasongola district, not only can you find rhinos, but a wide variety of bird species and other wildlife. The wildlife ranch has become a popular destination for tourists looking for adventure. We offer Rhino trekking, birding tours, nature hikes, night-time nature walks and a shoebill trek & canoe ride.

What to know about Rhinos
Rhinos are large, heavy animals with thick gray or brown skin, short legs, and one or two horns on their nose. They are herbivores and only eat plants. Rhinos are endangered, meaning there are very few left, because they have been hunted for the horns on their nose.

How do Rhinos survive?
Rhinos have thick skin, like armor, to move through thorny shrubs. Wide, square shaped mouth with flexible broad lips for mowing grasses. Their short legs, long head reaching almost to the ground, and wide mouth are used in combination with a side-to-side head movement to eat massive quantities of grass.

The sanctuary is a must visit for whoever is a fun of bird watching, Rhino Tracking, Shoebill Stork and Canoe ride as well as nocturnal Walks.

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