11 Beautiful Places to Stay in Uganda

If you’ve read our blog about the 12 Best Reasons to Visit Uganda, chances are you’re already be daydreaming about lakes and waterfalls, chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. Uganda has some outstanding accommodation options that mirror the diversity, beauty, and friendliness of ‘the pearl of Africa’. Here’s our guide to the very best lodges in Uganda.

Best Lodges in Bwindi

Gorilla Forest Camp

Gorilla Forest Camp is designed to have a light ecological footprint – but it will still make a big impact on you! The perfect starting point for encounters with the mountain gorillas of Bwindi, this small lodge offers authentic luxury within the boundaries of the world-famous national park. In fact, gorilla families often visit the lodge and its surroundings, so you may well get to enjoy your first great ape sighting without any trekking at all. Additional activities include cultural visits to a local Batwa village, while special sedan chairs offer differently-abled guests the chance to participate in gorilla treks.

Bwindi Lodge

Your gorilla adventure starts here! This responsible luxury lodge overlooks the dense, ancient forests of Bwindi. Situated in the northwestern Buhoma area, Bwindi Lodge is close to the home ranges of three habituated families of mountain gorillas – which makes for wonderful viewing opportunities. The ‘impenetrable’ forests of Bwindi are also home to chimpanzees and many bird species – you may well see or hear them from your stone and tile banda (carefully designed to keep you snug on those cool mountain nights).

Can you experience sophisticated luxury in a rainforest? Yes, at this lodge you certainly can – as well as enjoying views of the Virunga Volcanoes and the Great Rift Valley, two of Africa’s most spectacular natural landmarks. From your stone cottage, you can venture into the forest on a guided walk, searching for birds, butterflies and giant, centuries-old trees, or visit a local village to learn about the amazing relationship the people have with their forest home. You can also of course trek up into the mountains to see the famous mountain gorillas – an experience you will never forget.

Best Lodges in Kidepo Valley

Apopka Safari Lodge

A wonderful place to stay in the remote and achingly beautiful wilderness that is the Kidepo Valley. This small, intimate lodge was hand built by local artisans, with the guest rooms situated between the boulders of a kopje (or rocky outcrop). From this elevated position, you can enjoy sweeping views of classic African landscapes – wide, open, golden plains dotted with wildlife. The lodge itself offers more than enough in the way of diversions, including a rock-hewn pool, but you’ll want to descend to the savannah to walk or game drive amongst the awesome wildlife.

Best Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura Gorge Safari Lodge takes its name from a spectacular nearby feature and is also ideally situated for visiting ‘QEP’ (Queen Elizabeth National Park). Stay in a luxurious modern interpretation of a traditional ‘banda’ and enjoy activities including boat excursions on the hippo-thronged Kazinga Channel. A short walk leads from the lodge to the start of the chimpanzee trekking trail – and you can even book a soothing foot massage for when you return to the lodge! At Kyambura Gorge, you’re also within easy game drive reach of the famous tree-climbing lions of the Ishasha Sector.

Need help planning your Uganda adventure? Contact our team of Africa travel experts who are here to help you craft your personalized itinerary. 

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