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A delightful Romantic Honeymoon

A delightful Romantic honeymoon is like a blue lagoon; divinely beautiful, with a mimicry of all heaven in its deeps, blinding sweet in the sun, and almost intolerably comfortable in the moon.

Remember, marriage is a roller-coaster ride that you take together and it brings along lots of myriad essences of life. So, before you experience all the bitter-sweet flavors together, you should simply try to create some cherished moments in the arms of each other.

Surely a honeymoon is the most beautiful post-nuptials escape after the hectic marriage parties and schedules, so it should be romantic and relaxing, therefore certain aspects must be considered to make it worth being called so.

Select a location

Select a location where you both have never been. The unknown and unseen destination creates a spark in the vacation. You should choose the location, the stay and the activities keeping in mind about your partner’s preferences.

Your honeymoon destination can be a favorite tourist spot, but make sure there is not much rush. Even if you are not a typical romantic, plan some sweet surprises for your spouse. Pack a bag of special treats and hand it over to your better half when you reach your honeymoon paradise.

Carry with you a camera

Pictures are a great way to capture special moments and sights. Just like your wedding, your honeymoon will be full of memories you’ll want to savor for a lifetime, and documenting it is essential,thus take your camera and capture the budding romance between you two. Try not to take your laptop and mobile phones with you. Mobiles are convenient but they can claim your precious time from your vacation as you start checking all the messages and missed phone calls. The candid moments captured on your camera can help you relive your honeymoon moments many years after.

safaris and tours Uganda wildlife by inspire safarisug_DSC_4775_VLa
Uganda wildlife by inspire safarisug_DSC_4775_VLa

Hah! imagine that moment after you’ve had a quarrel with your partner, and the only thing to calm you down is when you look back at the memories you had together, and realize the love you have in between the two of you.

Try new things

When you plan for your honeymoon, do not make a to-do list. Be ready to try something new with your partner. It could be bungee jumping, hiking along the Rwenzori mountains or water rafting. These activities can make your bonding experience memorable,especially cause of the increased flow of adrenaline during the course of the activities. Even watching the sunrise or sunset together or taking a long walk together after dinner is some fresh experiences that you can cherish afterward. It is always a great idea to rejuvenate yourselves and share some relaxing moments together.

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Accommodation choice

The environment within which you would wish to room in matters, however it is always better to talk with the tour operator, who can help you create that atmosphere filled with only love and romance.

Always remember, a husband may forget where he went on his honeymoon, but he never forgets why. Like wise, honeymoon is the only period when a woman isn’t trying to reform her husband.

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