travel with your child

Traveling with your infant

Traveling with your infant is exciting for you and your kids, furthermore, can create special memories that last a lifetime, However traveling with an infant requires a little extra preparation to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

travel with your child

There are many ways you can help keep your infant safe while traveling, and ensure that the trip is comfortable for all involved.

Knowing how to travel with an infant isn’t much different from knowing how to travel with an older baby or toddler, but age can impact strategy. For example, traveling with a toddler opens up more opportunities for activities on your trip. You’ll probably notice that traveling with a 2-year-old is a lot more interactive than when your little one was just 3 or 6 months old.

There are just few precautions to consider for this travel;

Consult Your Child’s Healthcare Provider

Remember that your baby’s healthcare provider is your ally and a great source of information. If you’re thinking of traveling with a newborn, the provider may suggest waiting in some cases, such as if your little one has an underlying health condition or was born prematurely.

Allow Extra Time

Always remember that traveling with an infant or baby of any age means everything will take a little more time. Be sure to start early and allow extra time when packing the car or getting to the airport, going through security, checking into your accommodation, eating out, etc. This additional time makes for a smooth trip and also helps keep stress to a minimum.

Don’t Forget Favorite Toys or Blankets

Your little one is still getting used to the world around them, so bring some reminders of home to soothe any discomfort when in unfamiliar places. A favorite toy can do wonders in keeping your infant comfortable when traveling, so be sure not to leave that little teddy bear at home.

Keep Feedings and Sleep Schedules Consistent

When traveling with babies, especially newborns and infants, it’s best to keep feeding and sleep schedules consistent, even when crossing into other time zones. It’s hard for children to adjust to new routines, and a little consistency will do wonders. If you’re moving across several time zones and it’s impossible to stick to the same feeding times, try to adjust your schedule gradually. However, what’s most important is feeding your baby when they’re hungry, regardless of the hour, and giving yourself some extra grace.

family meal
family meal

Carry the essentials

Of course we can’t forget to remind you of the essentials like, baby diapers, wipes, baby care kit, pacifiers, medications if at all child is on any and more depending on what you use daily for the child well being.

Often times it can be challenging to think about travel, whilst you have a little one with you. But with proper planning and communication, you can always have an exciting safari especially with the team of Inspire African Safaris.

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