How to take on a budget safari, is a question asked by the majority. The dilemma between wishing to embark on a safari, and the wallet utters most and keeps you wondering.

Always there’s one important thing to keep in mind, staying in a five-star cottage is expensive, but seeing animals in their natural environment doesn’t have to be. Africa, after all, is a very big place with a wide range of offerings.

As the world keeps revolving, also safaris have become exclusive and pricey because Africa seems like a daunting place to travel, and people are unsure about where to go and what to do. But the most important aspect of any safari is to take control and focus on what you want. In other words, just because Obama went to doesn’t mean you have to.

6 ways on how to take on a budget safari;

Consider less pricey areas

It’s actually something of a myth that African safaris are always very expensive. Oh hell no! Time to erase that, Though they certainly can be, but thankfully there are a number of tactics you can use to ensure your safari doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The fundamental point of a safari, after all, is to experience the wildlife and everything else is just icing on the cake. This means that if you’re willing to strip back your overall safari experience to focusing specifically on the game viewing aspect, your safari can end up costing an awful lot less.

how to take on a budget safari
tree climbing lions

Compromise on accommodation

You don’t need to stay in luxurious accommodation to experience great wildlife. For instance; try camping, try staying outside the national park:- There is often a handful of budget accommodation close to park gates, servicing day visitors and those looking for a budget safari experience.

As some national parks charge an entrance fee plus a concession if you stay overnight in the park, staying outside the gates means you won’t incur this additional concession.

Slip bit with the transfers

Accommodation prices are one thing, but travel transfers often tend to be the most exorbitant aspect of a safari. If time is on your side, consider road transfers instead of flying. Road transfers will be your best friend and if you can travel in a group, that makes things even more affordable. Just make sure that you are in a private vehicle with a reputable guide. That should be the case if you book through a dependable company, especially a local one.

Consider traveling out of peak months

Another way to cut back on your budget, is to consider hitting during the off-season (December through March). Traveling out of season is also a great way to cut costs. Some people believe safaris in the rainy season mean game viewing is hindered, which is totally wrong. Many areas offer phenomenal game viewing year-round. Rates are always cheaper in these season and the experience can be just as good if you choose the right destination.

Book in advance

Making a reservation is both time and cost-saving. Flight schedules are usually available 330 days in advance with direct flights to Africa, so booking your safari trip 6 to 8 months in advance can help you take advantage of lower fares, as well as reduced costs for logistics and accommodation. You may also want to capitalize on promos and seasonal discounts offered by tour operators and travel agencies when booking. Take a look at the 30% discount offered on those ready for a safari with Inspire African Safaris.

Gorilla tracking
Gorilla tracking

Opt for Group Safaris

A group safari is when like-minded individuals venture on a trip to share cost on everything from accommodation to fuel and meals. This strategy is adopted by individuals on a budget to good effect. It also allows you to share the experience with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Although this strategy comes with its challenges, such as keeping up with your group and having to take turns to sit by the window for better viewing, the overall experience, and the cost-effectiveness makes it worth the while.

Currently, a group safari proceeding from March 2023 is scheduled with Inspire African Safaris, now is the time.

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