Bird watching

Bird Watching in Kibale forest National Park

Bird watching is one of the most famous activities done in Kibale forest national park which is found in western part of Uganda in kabarole District , Kibale forest national park is known for primate capital because it is the home of 13 primate species like the chimpanzee, vervet monkeys, blue monkey, the grey checked mangabey, black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed moneys and many more. Kibale national park was created in 1993, it is known to be a home of over 350 bird species of which six of them are endemic to the region.Bigodi wetland santuary its in the outskirts of the park and has 138 bird species which complement the number of birds that tuorists can can spot along the journey.

Birding in Kibale national park is best done on the guided forest walks where tourists can spot variety of bird species that an experienced bird guide can trail the place and gives them an opportunity to learn more about birds, the well developed trail facilitate the ease hiking or walking into the forest to spot variety of bird species and the best birding spot in the park is Bigodi wetland sanctuary is a community project where the experienced local guides can guide you in birding for over four hour walking trail in search for different birds. the birding activity is done early morning at 7am at kanyanchu visitors center where tourists are guided on the rules and regulations plus the expectations in the park.

Kibale national park has a variety of bird species which include the green breasted pitta which is sighted after the African pitta, little greenbul, Abyssinian ground thrush, crowned eagle, dusky crimsoning, black eared ground thrush, Chubb’s cisticola, black capped waxbill, African black headed oriole, yellow spotted nicator, collared appalis, black bee eater, brown chested alethe, yellow rumped tinker bird, blue breasted kingfisher and many more.

Best time for birding in Kibale national park starts between the months of march to may and September to November because that’s a rainy season and this helps trees to bear food which attracts a variety of birds which brings in the most experience in birding where you can spot many of them and get to see their breeding plumage and the migratory bird which can be found in November and April .

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