Introduction of Sipi falls.

Sipi falls is located in the east of Uganda on the edge of mount Elgon national park close the boarder with Kenya approximately 277km from Kampala Uganda’s capital in kapchorwa district, the fall is supplied with three water falls ,it got its name from Sipi river which in turn was named after a locally grown plant called Sep this plant resembles a wild banana plant and is used as a medicine to treat measles and fever . The climate in this place is cooler than the most of the country and though the weather tends to be pleasant all year round and the best time to visit is during the dry seasons in the months of June to August and December to march.

Hiking at Sipi falls one of the amazing activities done at the destination, Sipi falls is at an altitude of 1,775 meters, the hikes can be so difficult it needs deserving of your energy and muddy but when you continue the beauty of the fall will make you forget about the muddy clothes and aching legs while hiking you need to fall the river making it more easy to be on track and it takes 3 hours hiking where you get to see the farm lands and local communities.

The second highest fall of the waterfalls comes first, It plunges 85 meters before concluding in a spectacular splash, the next fall is the smallest at 65 meters when its dry you can stand under it but when is rainy season you can stand behind it in the caves and watch water flows down while it splashes in your face and the last fall is the largest with 100 meters where by its plunge is large enough enabling you to swim make sure to pack a swimming costume.

when your done with hiking you can do rock climbing and abseiling where you get to see the Nyero rock painting and these rocks are believed to date back to the year of 1250 and is consisted the important rock art in Uganda. birder you can also do birding Sipi has over 275 bird species and if interested in fishing you can catch up some mountain trout with a guide, Sipi falls has numerous trails that can lead you into mountain Elgon.

Sipi falls is well known for the production of organic Arabic coffee growing in Uganda, In 1999 the Sabiny and the Bagishu people farmed coffee on the slopes of mount Elgon, the beans grew at an altitude of 1,600 and 1,900 meters. if interested in seeing how coffee is made locally we can do an excursion to the households in the local community and get to know more about their life style and culture of the Sabiny people.

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