Boat Cruise Safari In Uganda

Boat Cruise Safari in Uganda, is an adventurous activity that takes place on the fresh water bodies of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. It is such a unique activity that involves travel while sailing on water in a boat or a ship.

There are different kinds of boat types including power boats, speed boats, Kerala boats and yachts. All these can be used for the cruise, only depends on when where and perhaps the pricing too.

There are different kinds of boat cruises that are offered in Uganda and these include;

Morning boat cruise

This type is done during the morning hours, usually starts from 9:00am. This cruise is most fun for birders however, still every one can enjoy it as it is best for viewing animals while they laze around the shores. Oh hey! not forgetting the birds with the best vocals hahahahha!

Afternoon boat cruise

This type is done during the afternoon hours, usually starts from 2:00pm. This cruise is the best one for many animals come to drink water especially the elephants and buffaloes.

Evening boat cruise

This takes place in the evening stating at 5:00pm. It is mainly enjoyed by photographers since at this juncture the sun is setting. Here you witness the sunset as the sky is filled with different colors like, yellow, orange and of cos blue the reflection from the water source.

boat cruise at murchison
Boat cruise at murchison falls

Areas where boat cruises can take place in Uganda.

Boat cruises in Uganda take place in different areas and among these are; River Nile to the source of the Nile, Lake Victoria, Lake Bunyonyi, Kazinga Channel, and Lake Mburo.

Boat cruise on River Nile,it is one of the best place to enjoy a cruise. It is known to be the longest river in world and, its source starts right from Jinja Uganda. Through the equator to the safari desert up to the Mediterranean sea

Generally, there is a lot that you can enjoy while on a cruise, just tap Inspire African Safaris

team and you will definitely have no regrets.

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