Rhinos in mara

Did You Know That Rhinos are Brilliant Beasts

Did You Know That Rhinos are Brilliant Beasts, which mainly live in Africa and swamps of Asia. There are mainly 5 species namely; black and white rhino these live in Africa. Sumatran, Javan and India which inhabit the tropical forests and swamps of Asia.

Rhinos in Uganda
Rhinos in Uganda

These brilliant beasts are known for their awesome, giant horns that grow from their snouts, hence the name “rhinoceros’, meaning “nose horn”. They are intelligent, social, emotional animals that are a vital part of Africa’s tourism industry.

Rhinos weigh over 3 tonnes, and the average birth weight of black rhinos is between 35.5 kg and 62.7 kg. A newborn white rhinoceros weighs between 40-50kgs. Living an average wild life of approximately 40 to 45 years.

Simple Facts about rhinos

#Rhinos especially the white rhinos are the second largest land mammal in the world following the elephants.

#Rhinos have small brains but extra ordinarily mighty.

#In terms of movement, these creatures don’t joke around, for they run approximately 30 to 40 miles per hour.

#Rhinos communicate by sharing information using their dung.

rhino tracking
rhino tracking

They are very interesting creatures to visit especially here in Uganda, where they specifically have a conservation area known as the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Why visit rhinos in Uganda

The Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is one of the most important wildlife conservation projects in Uganda. It is one of the 20 best places to visit on a Uganda safari. The Sanctuary is the only place in Uganda where visitors can track the endangered White Rhinos by foot and at a close range.

Surprisingly, most tourists come to Uganda with the intention of seeing the mountain gorillas in Bwindi, other major national parks, however, visiting Ziwa Rhino sanctuary has become a must for those who wish to experience a full African Safari in Uganda. Apart from tracking the Rhinos, there are several other activities that make the sanctuary attractive to tourists. They include; Rhino tracking, birding, nature walks and night walks.

Therefore, these beasts are a worth visit because of there graceful nature and peace of mind that crosses through one on ground.

Peace of mind and relaxation that comes with the nature walks. Lot of rejuvenation comes with traveling all you have to do is entrust your safari with Inspire African Safaris team, for a memorable and life time experience.

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