Busowoko falls is one of the last remaining water falls on the upper Victoria Nile in Uganda. Busowoko falls is located near Namavundu forest reserve in Bususwa village, Kitanaba sub-county 19 km from Jinja city and is one site you should expect to visit for a fun-filling experience.


  • Nile tubing; This thrilling experience involves floating on river Nile while enjoying its beauty and surroundings. This is an every day activity and done for 2 to 3 hour.
  • Water rafting; This is done on the white Nile and the activity takes 3 to 6 hours’ sailing on the white waters.

    whitewater rafting

    whitewater rafting

  • Camping; Busowoko falls is a camper’s paradise because it has a safe and protected camping site. You will have a memorable trip at the falls because during camping, you can do activities like tubing.
  • Water massaging; Some falls are warned and limited to by visitors because of slippery rocks but, there are safe areas you can shower at the falls and feel like you having an African massage.
  • Swimming; At Busowoko, you can swim in a small fall that is safe and protected.
  • Cultural dancing; You can enjoy entertainment from cultural troops dancing and singing cultural songs.
  • Snapping; You can capture the scenic beauty of the falls and its surroundings.
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