The Zebras in Uganda

The Zebras, just like the wild asses and horses are also equids.  Zebras are herbivore; they can live up to 40 years with a gestation period of 12 months and give birth to a single foal at a time that is keep away from other zebras for at least 3 days giving it time to gain its sense of  sight, smell and voice recognition. They have strong teeth good enough for grinding the leaves and grass, the manes have short and erect hairs and have white and black striped coats. On your Safari in Uganda, we shall offer you an opportunity to see the beautiful zebras on our game drives.

There are about 3 species of zebras in Africa and 2 of them can be found in East Africa namely the Burchell’s as well as the Grevy’s zebras mainly seen in northern Kenya.

Where are the Zebras found in Uganda?

In Uganda, Zebras can be seen in big number in national parks like the Kidepo valley national park which is located in the north eastern corner of Uganda at its border with Sudan. This park offers you the best opportunity compared to all the other places because there are so many zebras in this park and viewing them as they graze in the savannah is very easy. In kidepo, the Zebras and other wildlife can even find you at your hotel.

Lake Mburo national park is another place you can find a huge population of zebras. They are almost everywhere in this park which means a simple game drive through the park is enough for you to see lots of these beautiful animals.

How zebras live.

They often stay in small families but within bigger families or herds. Very large herds are often seen in Kidepo Valley Park. They prefer stay in herds for protection from their predators. They live in fear of the cheetahs, lions, leopards and even simple dogs. In this case if one of them is attacked by a predator, then the rest of the family will come to the rescue, make a semi-circle and face the attacker. The same thing happens when the whole family is attacked by a number of predators and it’s injured, another family will come in and help them fight off the attackers.

While still small foals, all of them tend to be so close the mothers but the male ones are closer to the fathers and at around 1-4 years, the males do leave their families and join the groups of male bachelor until they are grown enough to have their own families.

 What you should know about the stripes

It’s true that there other animals with some stripes but none of them have a beautiful pattern like the Zebras. Some people believe their coat is to help them look beautiful and survive while under the African hot sun in a sense that they act sunscreen for them therefore protecting that sensitive skin of theirs.

There is an assumption that the stripe keep insects like flies and other pests off the zebras. Their stripes have been and are still a mystery as different ideas have been given explaining why zebras are really striped.

What is true however, is that there are no two zebras in this world that have the same pattern like they seem to appear when you spot zebras from far.

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