Entebbe zoo white tiger named Yura

The male White Bengal tiger at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) has been named Yura.


The name was given by Yuti Breweries Limited after the company signed a shs30 million agreement with the zoo that gives the company the naming rights for the White Tiger.

“Seeing the level of passion and care that Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) has towards all the animals given the difficult hardships we’ve endured in the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, immediately caught the attention of Yuti Breweries and we were compelled to act. We wanted to be part of the solution and aid in any way that we can. We therefore looked at pioneering the sponsorship of the white tiger,” said the Managing Director of Yuti Breweries, Punit Shah.

He emphasized the need to protect such endangered but also rare animal species like the white tiger.


“We also believe that the number of people coming into the zoo to catch a glimpse of these stunning creatures will increase which also means that the zoo will have enough support to look after all the animals housed within the zoo and that is why I would like to encourage you all to spread the word and let everyone know that the Tiger lives.”


Punit noted that the shs30 agreement with UWEC will help provide funds for feeding and welfare of the white male Bengal tiger whose original home is South Africa.


He feeds on 10kg of beef daily and other foods like liver, chicken, and fresh goat. He is 3.9 years old and is known to move at a speed of 65km/hr, with a roar that can be heard as far as 3km away. He is the biggest of the two existing tigers and just like the flagship of our home-brewed beverage, Yura beer, he symbolizes leadership, strength, majesty, and fearlessness.”


The UWEC Public Relations Officer, Eric Ntalo  hailed the beer company for the agreement that would see them inject shs30 million into Entebbe zoo.


“Most of the monies to take care of animals come from gate collections and conference facilities. It is because of such support that we ensure the animals are healthy,”Ntalo said.


He noted that by naming these animals, UWEC is in one way or the other encouraging conservation.



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