Have you ever thought about catching a glimpse at the unique spotted hyenas while on wildlife safari in Uganda but you do not know which park to visit? Spotted hyenas are a few most exceptional wildlife species that you shouldn’t miss to view while on Uganda safari. Though they are not among the popular wildlife to see on an African safari, the hyena is an interesting friend of the lions. If you are looking for lions, look out for the shy hyenas as well given that they are believed to be always living in close proximity.

Hyenas are scientifically called Crocuta crocuta and they are a few most spectacular wild creatures that most visitors on safari yearn to catch a glimpse. They are unique creatures a fact that they regarded laughing hyenas and they are also found in some areas of the southern Sahara. The laughter is always one way in which they interact with one another especially when looking for food and the sound can stretch for about 3 miles.

These beautiful creatures thrive within Uganda’s spectacular savanna landscapes.

There are several national parks where to see the spotted hyenas. These include

Kidepo Valley National Park: This lies in the extreme northern part of Uganda. It is the only place to see cheetahs while in Uganda.

Lake Mburo National Park: This is the smallest of all Uganda’s savanna national parks, located within just a 3 hours drive from Kampala, the Capital city of Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: This world biosphere reserve is one of the must visit places in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Quick Facts About Spotted Hyenas

Spotted hyenas are classified under Animalia kingdom, mammalian class, Carnivora order, Chordata phylum, Hyaeninane family, Crocuta genus and they are over 27000 to 47000 in the world today but their population is drastically reducing because of habitat loss.

They are also believed to have originated from Asia and some of them can be sighted in some areas of Europe and they existed about a million years’ ago and at the end of the Pleistocene period.

These remarkable wild creatures are also believed to be the biggest of all the hyaenidae and it is rare compared to the rest of the species and features bear like build, spotted pelt, fewer nipples, rounded ears, prominent mane pseudo penis.

They live in large groups compared to the rest of the carnivorous species and this means that there is stiff competition especially when it comes to food. However males are dominant and they forget about young ones as they believe that it is responsibility of females.

They also feature among a few most successful wildlife species a fact that they have existed in big numbers in the continent and this has been attributed to their opportunism and adaptability. They can hunt, scavenge as they are popular for their being skillful and they can swallow and digest bones, skin and any wild animal’s products.

Their habitats range from woodland, savannas, deserts and largely nocturnal. Despite their large sizes, they also face many challenges especially due to human wildlife conflicts.

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