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Landscapes of Uganda: Glaciers at the equator

The landscape diversity of Uganda is unique and very well suited for a safari. Only a few countries in the World offer a tourist impressions ranging from glaciers to tropical landscapes or from deserts to tropical rain forests.

Uganda is located on the Central African Plateau which stretches from Sudan to South Africa (29-35° east longitude and 1-4° south latitude). In the south, the country’s interior is cut through by the equator. Uganda borders to the states of Kenya (east), Tanzania (south), Sudan (north), Democratic Republic of Congo (west) and Rwanda (Southwest).

The landscapes of Uganda were significantly formed by intense volcanic activity. In the West the Central African rift valley intersects country’s territory. Deep incised valleys and the steep Virunga Volcano determine the landscape here. At the bottom of the Valleys Lake Albert, Lake George and Lake Edward offer great excursion destinations for a safari.

A must-do on a safari in Uganda is a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel between Lake George and Lake Edward which gives the tourist a good picture of the unique wildlife on its shores. For example, you will find here the world’s most densely populated hippos.

Ruwenzori mountains in western UgandaAlso the highest mountains of Uganda, the six peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains (5,109 m) located in the west of the country, while Mount Elgon rises with 4,321 m in the east. Both mountains are well-known for their unique wildlife in the cloud forests and steeps worldwide – home of the famous mountain gorillas.

15% of Uganda’s total area (241,000 km²) is made up of lakes, with the largest being Lake Victoria. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,143 meters above sea level and is 40 meters deep on average. Lake Victoria is the second largest fresh water lake (68,800 km²) on earth.

Around 100 years ago Lake Victoria was presumed to be the source of the River Nile, with 6,671 km longest river in the world. However we know today, that the source of the Nile is in the mountains of Rwanda and Burundi.

Nevertheless, the flow of the Nile from Lake Victoria characterizes large parts of the country. On its way to the north it formed swamp landscapes as well as other lakes (Kyoga and Kwania). Northwards towards Sudan the landscape increasingly becomes flat and dry, with mainly savannah and thorn bush landscapes widespread.

In short: Uganda is the ultimate travel destination; it offers a variety of landscapes which can hardly be found elsewhere in Africa.

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