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Semuliki national park, located in western Uganda, is a gem that offers a unique and diverse natural experience. It is only lowland tropical forest in East Africa inhabiting 53 mammals and 441 recorded bird species.

Before becoming a national park, Semuliki national park was a forest reserve and was gazetted into a park in 1932.

Four ethnic groups live near this national park, for example, Bwamba farmers, Batuku cattle keepers, Bakonjo cultivators and Batwa pygmies[hunters and gatherers]


Semuliki is a touristic site that has a variety of interesting features which attract tourists namely;

  • Hot springs; These are the major attractions in Semuliki national park, the park has two hot springs for example the male hot springs named Bitende and the female hot spring is Nyasimbi a geyser that spurts out hot bubbling water which streams about 2m up in the air giving a beautiful scenery. The hot spring water are 100 degrees Celsius, hot  enough for visitors to boil foods like eggs and potatoes.
  • Wildlife; The park has the highest population of Uganda kobs and over 50 others mammals for example the hippos and crocodiles.
  • Birds; This national park is a birders paradise because it is a home to over 441 bird species. When you visit Semuliki you will see birds such as Guinea-Congo forest biome species, central African species like black wattled hornbill, Congo serpent Eagle and many more.

    shoebill Stork Bird

    shoebill Stork Bird @ Semuliki national park

  • Butterflies; Semuliki hosts the highest number of butterfly species in Uganda. The place has over 300 butterfly species and over 200 species of moth.
  • Primates; Primates in this area prefer to live in the low tropical forest. Semuliki is the suitable place for spotting primates like black and blue colobus, central African red colobus, dent’s Mona monkeys and the baboons.


    primates in Semuliki national park


  1. Bird watching; The park is one of the best birding destinations where you can view different bird species. The park is a bird haven and home to over 400 species of birds. For example yellow throated cuckoo, shoe bill and many more.

    safaris and tours Uganda wildlife by inspire safarisug_DSC_5080_VLa

    Uganda wildlife by inspire safarisug_DSC_5080_VLa

  2. Game drives; The drives can be done either in the morning or afternoon, but you can also opt for night game drives.

    Safari experience

    game drives

  3. Primate walks; In Semuliki, primate walks start from Semuliki safari hotel. Visitors are supposed to encounter chimpanzees, olive baboons, grey-cheeked mangabey, red tailed monkeys, velvet and white colobus monkeys.ppenjoying Chimps
  4. Cultural encounters; This is an adventuring activity where by tourists visiting the park tour around communities adjacent to the park. You will experience the cultural norms and values of the Batwa people.
  5. Other activities include; Nature walks,
    Nature Walk

    Nature Walk

    boat cruise on Semuliki river

    boat cruise

    boat cruise

    and many more.

Explore the wonders of Semuliki national park with Inspire African Safari

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