lake Manyara national park


Lake Manyara national park is a national park in the Arusha and Manyara regions in Tanzania, located between lake Manyara and the great Rift valley. The park was a sports hunting ground before it became a game reserve and in 1960, lake Manyara became a national park.

lake Manyara national park

lake Manyara national park

The tree-climbing lions are one of the major attraction in this park, these lions are similar to those in Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda.

Visitors can access lake Manyara national park through different access gates located in the northern and southern parts of the park.


  1. Tree-climbing lions; These lions are unique with a behavior of climbing trees. They climb trees because they are avoiding insects or looking for shelter. Tree climbing lions are among the animals visitors can see on various activities in the park.


    tree climbing lions

  2. Large population of elephants; The park is a home to a number of elephants that can be viewed roaming in the park.
  3. Bird life; Lake Manyara national park is a birding paradise with over 400 bird species like millions of flamingos, flocks of pelicans, egrets, storks and many more.


  4. Wildlife; The park has a diverse population of animals, for example huge elephant herds, giraffes, buffaloes among others. To see the various animals in the park, visitors get to engage in game drives.
  1. Acacia woodlands; The woodlands south of Msasa river inhabit the largest concentration of elephants, leopards, giraffes and others. These woodlands in lake Manyara national park are the best places to see the animals during your safari in the park.
  2. The walk through the tree tops; The tree-canopy walk gives you the opportunity to view various animals in the park. If you walk at treetop level you can spot some primates and different birds in the forest.

    lake Manyara

  1. Lake Manyara; Lake Manyara is a shallow alkaline lake covering more than 2 thirds of the park. This lake hosts over 2 million pink flamingos and other animals like hippos, buffaloes and many others.
  2. Maji Moto springs; Maji moto means “hot water”, these are natural springs in lake Manyara national park. Maji moto springs is a secluded sanctuary with crystal-clear waters surrounded by palm and fig trees. You can stop by for a picnic lunch or swim in its temperate waters.
  3. Scenic landscapes; The park offers breathtaking sceneries, from the escarpment of the rift valley to the lush under groundwater forest. The diverse landscape provides a picturesque back drop for safari adventures.


The following are activities in lake Manyara national park that visitors on Safari in the park engage in as they tour the place.

  • Tree climbing lion tracking;

 This is one of the unique safari activities in the park. It is an eye-catching activity of the king of the jungle relaxing on the tree branches of trees like acacia. They climb trees because they want to observe their prey, avoid insect bites and cool down from the hot sun. Visitors can track the rare and scarce tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara national park.

  • Day game drives; 

Lake Manyara national park offers morning, afternoon and evening game drives depending on the visitor’s interest. In the park, game drives take place in the lower slopes of the Great Rift Valley. During the game drive, you will sight a variety of wildlife such as cheetahs, elephants, antelopes and buffaloes which can be spotted all day, also bird species and beautiful forest vegetarians of ground.

  • Night game drives;

Visitors can opt night game drives in the park where they will have an opportunity to see nocturnal animals in the park. For example civet cats, lions, porcupines among others. In the park, night drives are accompanied by a professional guide.

  • Bird watching;

The park has over 400 species of birds which makes it the perfect place for birding in Tanzania. The pink flamingo are the most attractive birds.

Other species include yellow-billed storks, marabou storks, goose, weavers, pelicans and many more.

  • Canoeing;

A canoe or boat ride is another amazing activity visitors in the park can engage in. During the canoe ride on Lake Manyara, you will see aquatic species like the hippos and crocodiles. You will also enjoy the views of the rift valley escarpments, beautiful scenery in the park made up of a forest area, savannah plains and the woodlands.

  • Community visits;

These involve tourists visiting the locals in the surrounding areas of the park, for example Mto wa Mbu town. Here, the visitors will interact with the Masai locals who are known for their unique culture which is expressed through traditional dances, dress code, lifestyle, artifacts such as beaded jewelry among others During this cultural visit, tourists visit the “Manyattas” and kraals of the Masai livestock like cattle, goats.

  • Guided nature walks;

These nature walks take you up and down the hills. Nature walks in the park usually take place in a high concentration of animals and beautiful nature filled with high vegetation. During these walks, you will be accompanied by armed guards for security from dangerous animals. This is so because you will close to the animals and nature.

nature walk

nature walk

  • Lake Manyara treetop walkway;.

The park is among the wildlife viewing destinations in East Africa with tree climbing lions, a variety of bird species, vegetation and many more attractions.

lake Manyara national park

lake Manyara tree walk way

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