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Uganda is not only known for being rich in wild life, but also for its great history, rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscape, aquatic life, warm people, and a variety of other attractions

5 Reasons Why you should Visit Uganda?

Uganda is an African country located in the eastern part of Africa, a country which holds such unique beauty that it was named the pearl of Africa by the early explorers back in the 1870s. Although not yet well discovered by the world, travelers who have had a chance to visit Uganda consider the experience worthwhile and tell the tales of their adventures for a lifetime.

You must be asking yourself, what makes Uganda really different and worth visiting? Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Uganda;

  1. Rich history and culture

Uganda has over 65 tribes which fall under the 4 ethnic groups i.e. The bantu, nilotics, nilo hamites and the hamites. Each of the tribes has a distinctive language, cultural norms, beliefs and a beautifully unique cultural, political and historical background. In uganda, wherever you go, you’ll experience a new set of customs, traditions and heritage. Visiting cultural and historical sites like the buganda kabaka’s palace, kasubi royal tombs, uganda museum, tororo kings palace, and the namugongo shrine, will give you a real feel of the african culture and way of life, the local people through cultural dances, folk songs, poems, and storytelling take you through this interesting cultural experience. The kampala city tour is one of the best and most exciting cultural and historical experiences among other cultural tours for it not only gives you cultural history but also the political history of the country right from colonial rule to independence.

  1. The hospitable and welcoming people

Uganda is recognized for having the most welcoming and hospitable people. When you visit uganda, you will be amused by how warm and friendly the people are. On arrival and throughout your stay, you will be welcomed with big smiles from the courteous people and waves from the happy little children who will make you feel at home. Ugandans value and respect strangers and demonstrate true concern for the visitors. The country is also politically stable giving safety assurance to its visitors.

  1. Unique attractions and experiences

Uganda is not only known for being rich in wild life, but also for its great history, rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscape, aquatic life, warm people, and a variety of other attractions. Uganda prides itself in having attractions that have been preserved and protected in their most natural state, thus offering authentic experiences to its visitors.

The country has 10 national parks and 2 of these are unesco world heritage sites. I.e. Bwindi impenetrable forest, and mountain rwenzori national park. Each national park offers a unique encounter with the wild, and many tourists come for safaris to enjoy exciting and adventurous activities like mountain gorilla trekking, birding, game drives, boat rides, hiking, mountain climbing, nature walks, chimpanzee tracking, to mention but a few.

  1. Amazing food and delicious cuisines

Uganda has a variety of foods and delicious cuisines to explore, right from the famous street food, rolex, muchomo, samosa, roasted maize and chapatti, to the staple foods specially prepared with local ugandan recipes, the steamed matooke (plantain) from the central, kalo (millet), eshabwe from the west, marakwang from the north, malewa from the east and so many other foods like posho, irish, etc. These are usually supplemented with sauces like beans, chicken, pasted fish, beef, etc., all these are prepared with ugandan recipes with less spices and seasoning but are finger licking good.  The tropical fruits like papaya, pine apples, bananas mangoes, guavas etc, are another discovery. Enjoying ugandan food is an experience on its own.

  1. The breathtaking scenery, and landscapes.

When it comes to landscape and scenery, Uganda is that destination that will leave you in awe.

Uganda’s landscape varies, the west and southwest are hilly and give the best scenic views, while other parts of the country are composed of mainly flat and low land. Uganda’s scenery is comprised of green vegetation, beautiful hills, famous mountains like Rwenzori & Elgon, thick ancient tropical rain forests like Bwindi impenetrable & Mabira forests, large water bodies like lake victoria, rivers, crater lakes, and waterfalls.

In conclusion, Uganda has a diversity of attractions, and the tourism industry of Uganda over the years has evolved and become better than ever before. Many beautifully designed safari packages have been made to ensure the ultimate African experience for tourists who visit the country. Service providers like hotels, lodges, car rentals, tour guides, and tour operators are putting up their best work to deliver the best services to their clients while on trips within the pearl of Africa. Plan and book your trip to Uganda to experience the most adventurous African safari of your life.

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