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Uganda’s security is guaranteed

“Uganda’s security is guaranteed, including the borderlines, which is attributed to UPDF’s operational capacity and commitment,” commander of Land Forces (CLF) of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Lt Gen Kayanja Muhanga has said. 

Muhanga made the remarks during his address to troops at UPDF Third Division headquarters at Moroto Army Barracks and the passing out of Gombolola internal security officers (GISO) at Moroto High School,  yesterday.

The revelations are contained in a statement issued by UPDF Third Division spokesperson Maj Isaac Oware.

“As pillars of the state, we must work hard towards sustainable peace for development to take a course in the right trajectory,” Muhanga said. 

He added that he had come to share and get an operational feeling with the soldiers and GISO. He noted that a commander is one who visits frontline troops, not being in the office. 

Muhanga, who said the country’s security situation is generally calm, gave an update concerning UPDF’s operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Somalia. 

“The UPDF is doing tremendous operations in eastern DRC to degrade ADF capabilities, destroy their bases and subsequently defeat them,” he said. 

He added that at African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), the operation is supportive of Somali Security Forces geared towards a gradual and smooth transition of responsibilities. 

Welfare being improved

On welfare, he said the strategic leadership is aware of primary aspects that affect foot soldiers and is gradually addressing them including the construction of accommodation units at brigade headquarters. 

Lt Gen Kayanja elaborated on phased and annual retirement plans based on the defence ministry budget resource. However, he advised troops to plan well and invest in income-generating projects for them to have financial strength even in retirement life. 

On his part, Third Division commander Brig. Gen. Joseph Balikudembe thanked Muhanga for what he called the continued support and guidance that enables operations to move in the right direction as planned. 

Later, Muhanga officiated at the passing out of GISOs after their basic intelligence course at Moroto High School. 

He said, unlike the previous governments, the current one continues to put infrastructure in order to transform Karamoja region.  

Muhanga added that the security forces and intelligence agencies must double efforts and their tasks for security to prevail in order to foster conducive conditions for the socio-economic transformation of Karamoja and her neighbours. 

” GISOs as tested cadres and security forces must deal with and jointly defeat armed criminality,” Muhanga said,adding that there is no way civilians would illegally possess guns because instruments of coercion are a monopoly of the state which must be entrusted with legitimate armed forces in the Ugandan context. 

Gen Muhanga urged the GISOs to continue cooperating with the forces and relevant stakeholders, secretly providing timely and purposeful information to support operations. 

He lauded both the troops and GISOs for the good work done so far towards the pacification of Karamoja and asked them to continue operating with high morale, discipline and commitment. 

One hundred ten GISOs including eight females, who were drawn from Karamoja and Teso, benefitted from the two-week basic intelligence course training. 

The course was organised by the Internal Security Organisation and facilitated by directors, district officials, UPDF, Police and ASTU top commanders among others. 

Present at the pass-out were deputy division commander Brig. Gen. Felix Busizoori, Abim RDC James Shilaku, Napak district chairperson Paul Kodet and chief facilitator Maj Emma Ebema, among others. 

So to our dear travellers, Uganda is very safe for everyone who wishes to travel to Uganda from all countries across the world.

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