Wildlife holidays in Uganda play out against a stunning backdrop of volcanoes, crater lakes, fog-filled forests, reed-lined channels and lush savannah. This little country’s big on landscapes – and this means its wildlife offering is unexpectedly huge. Mountain gorillas are its most famous inhabitant, of course, and they are what lures many animal lovers here. But the fun doesn’t stop when your gorilla safari does. Chimpanzees, baboons, lions, hippos, elephants, warthogs, eagles, jackals, buffalos, rhinos… keep flicking through your field guides, and there are few creatures you won’t find snuffling around in Uganda’s rainforests, swamps and grasslands.
Safaris here take place on foot, in 4x4s and on river boats, depending on the species you’re seeking, and superb lodges and camps ensure you stay well rested in between hilly treks, bumpy road journeys and early morning game drives. From buffalos to bee-eaters, monkeys to mongooses (mongeese? mongoose?), here’s our guide to the best of Uganda’s wildlife.

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