Zebras in Uganda

Most Zebras are in and around Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda’s foremost Zebra Park. In the northeast corner of Uganda in Kidepo Valley Park, about 100 Plus Zebras are remaining. You do not find them in other National Parks since the vegetation and Terrain are not suited for Zebras.

Zebra Safari Uganda

Uganda has a lot to offer as a safari destination especially when it comes to game viewing. You might be overwhelmed with the numerous species of wildlife that you will see but nothing stands out as significantly as the black and white stripped zebra. The zebra is both a beauty and a mystery.

Why do Zebras have stripes?

One amazing fact about the zebra’s stripes is that no two zebras are exactly the same as they seem to be when seen from a far.

Although these stripes have inspired a number of fashion trends across the world, for the zebra that “wears” them naturally they are more for protection. The stripes are a type of camouflage that enables the zebras to hide from predators such as lions. It is very difficult for a predator to differentiate one zebra from another in a herd.

Some people are of the view the stripes act as a sunscreen for the zebras, protection for their sensitive skin perhaps?

There’s also speculation that they scare away insects. The zebra’s stripes have long been a mystery and there are so many ideas and speculations as to why the zebra is striped.

Where can I find zebras in Uganda?

Uganda is zebra country. You will see them a number of game parks. it is much easier to catch sight of them in some parks than in others. Kidepo valley National park and Lake Mburo national Park are the parks with the best zebra viewing opportunities. BBC

Although very remote, Kidepo valley national offers perhaps the best zebra views in Uganda with numerous zebras grazing out in savannah there. Access to Lake Mburo is quite easy. You can access it on your way to Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, Mgahinga national park and mt Rwenzori National Park. So be sure to make a stop and see some zebras as part of your safari in Uganda.

How do Zebras live?

Burchnell or plains zebra live in small family groups, within much larger family groups and herds. There some large herds found in Kidepo and lake Mburo.

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